does God mind if I type to him?

If asked to visualize someone having a “quiet time” or “devotions” with God I have a pretty clear picture in my head of what that is supposed to look like.

It happens late in the middle of a peaceful morning.  The lady having the quiet time has finished the dishes and there is a load of laundry running quietly.  The roast for tonight’s dinner is in the oven on a very slow bake and the kitchen is clean.  A cat is curled up somewhere close by. A steaming mug of something nice is sitting at her elbow.  She is wisely and peacefully reading her well worn Bible.  Her hair is pulled up in a loose pony tail.  The slight droop of the pony tail (as it has loosened through housework) simply ends up looking elegant.

And she is writting out her refelections (profound reflections that will be cherished by future generations) LONGHAND IN A JOURNAL.

Or better yet, she is wrapped in a comfy robe, a blanket over her feet.  Her children are still peacefully alseep and the smell of coffee is wafting through the air as her hubby is brewing a pot before leaving for work.  He quietly leaves a kiss on top of her head as he heads for the shower.  She pets the cat and turns back to her well worn Bible, picks up her pen and writes down a profound insight LONGHAND, IN HER JOURNAL.


In real life my “quiet time” doesn’t even begin to measure up to those images.

I do have a cat, but that’s the only resemblance.  My hair is too short to go up in an elegant pony tail,  I don’t have children yet and I don’t stay home during the day.  I work.  I do a lot of my Bible reading on-line.  Not exactly a “well worn family Bible” image eh?  But the biggest problem with these fantasies is that 


Now before all my blog freinds get together to buy me a journal let me share this:  The reason I do not have a journal is mostly becasue I detest writting things out long hand.  I do love to type however.

First thing when I get in to work I sit down at my desk and go through my morning routine.  This involves checking my email to make sure there is “nothing on fire” that I have to deal with right away, then checking the blogs and then settling in to meditate on my verse for the week.  read it over. chew on it mentally, maybe write it out longhand a time or two (yes, unless it is set to music, longhand writting is how I MEMORIZE scripture.  maybe gives a clue to why I hate longhand as a journal keeping method) and then I write my thoughts, feelings and prayers on a word document on my computer. 

Do you think that bothers God?  that I write to Him on a computer?  For the record I do have a regular bible study every morning with my husband and we both go to a bi-weekly bible study as well, so this is just my personal quiet time we are talking about here.  I know it would be way better if I could clear a space in my home life to have a quiet time, but honestly I get more time to myself mentally at work than I do at home. 

Is that weird?


5 thoughts on “does God mind if I type to him?

  1. My quiet time with God is generally in the car, on long drives, in silence.

    They generally frown on journal writing in cars. Longhand or otherwise.


  2. I don’t think it bothers God a bit!

    I like type too and love to write but hate the long hand method. I can’t write fast enough to keep up with my thoughts. And if there is a mistake?

    But sometimes I type out those very special things and cut them down to size and paste them in a journal. But they have to really special things to warrant that.

    I think I do it for the times when the electricity goes off and I need something uplifting to read…. That would be a great rationale. Not true, though. I think I just like having those few things (along with a couple pictures) in a book to hold on to.

    Thanks for your prayer and visiting my site!


  3. Would your beloved object to an email from you? Personally, I don’t think God minds how we communicate with him as long as we make the attempt (probably in a proper frame of mind) — and as long as we /listen/ to him. Remember, any conversation is a two-way street.


  4. Hi there, just saying hi for the first time, coming over from Missy’s blog. I loved this post about typing to God. When I first started reading the post, I thought you were describing your typical morning, and thought, “(sigh) She has it all together, unlike me.” Then I was a little relieved to read that you’re not stereotypically perfect, even if you are perfect!

    only in God’s eyes. only in God.
    thanks for visiting. come back often!


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