gratitude (week 4)

31.   a good working relationship with my boss.

32.  cheese.  Whoever thought of this stuff back in ancient times gets my blessing.

33.   rain.  It rained here last night and my state is currently in a long drought.  So I am very grateful

34.   the way light drifts through a canopy of trees.  Especially if I can be sitting on a blanket under the tree looking up.  But even just watching it through my window here at work gives me a peaceful mindset.

35.   the pull and stretch of muscles the day after a good workout.  I’m starting to get back into excersize and I love that feeling.  It means “alive” to me.

36.   watching someone else’s pride in their work.

37.   graduation.  We just had graduation here at the university and I love graduation day.  Yes, it’s crowded.  Yes we have to get here before the sun comes up to get parking before the parents all arrive, but it is such a fun day.  the parents and the graduates are all so (rightfully) proud.  Everybody is beaming.  and the bagpipes.  Oh wow the bagpipes!  It is tradition here that the entire graduation is done to the music of a live bagpipe marching band.  Every year my blood races as I stand out in the early morning cold and listen to the music of 20 bagpipers and a few drummers leading these college students through the quad.

38.   brainstorming with my hubby.  we love to work out problems together, plan projects together.  Even if it’s something we will never get to, we just both love working out logistics together.  I know, we are weird.

39.   cooking.  especially if I’m making something up from scratch.

40.   a small child giving me a high-five on the way out of church after she has sung well in the children’s choir performance.  And she’s not even my child.

This list is part of an ongoing project to increase my awareness of things to be grateful for in my life.

Some items on the list may repeat, others will be new.  But each week I will post a list of what I am grateful for in that moment.


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