God’s ways are higher than our ways

My boss seriously frustrated me yesterday. He had promised to go with me to take lunch to our newest faculty member at her new home as she moves in. But then he turned out to have too many meetings and had to beg off. Major problem with that: I didn’t have a car with me. So I couldn’t go without him. We re-arranged things for the next day, and He went off to his meeting.


But I smiled and kept my sense of humor through it all.

Little did I know that GOD was clearing my calendar for the day. HE knew that I could not afford to be out of the office delivering lunch from 11:00 to 1:00. Because HE had other plans for me on Tuesday.

Just before 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, May 21, 2008 God had arranged for the calls to begin. Our adoption agent called Martin, Martin called me, the agent called me, I called the agent, then the birth mother’s agent called our agent, then our agent called me back and had me call the birth mother’s agent, (anybody out of breath yet?) then eventually we all calmed down long enough to get Martin to my office and set up a conference call and we talked to the birth parents.

Ya’ll at this point they had no photos of us and we had no photos of them or their previous kids. All we knew was that they have a baby that is due in either late October or early November. After a long and very interesting conversation which was both exhilarating and emotionally draining at the same time we all four decided to “move forward”

What does that mean? well…….instead of me delivering lunch today, God delivered a dream.

We are matched. Some folks call it “pregnant on paper”

There’s still a million and one things that could go wrong, but we are going to trust God and pray for the health of our whole family and the baby as well as praying for support and good doctors and Christian friends for the birth family (since we can’t be there for them on a regular in-town basis, we are really praying God to supply them with a Godly friend)  There is so much that we can not share with you, details we can not talk about, but you can just pray God to be over all and in all.

Please pray for us as we adjust to this incredible news.

Isn’t God great?


8 thoughts on “God’s ways are higher than our ways

  1. I will be praying for you and the birth mother as you both begin this journey! I’m sure that God has hand selected the most wonderful child for you…. my prayer is that this is the one!!


  2. I pop in here every now and then. I’m so excited to have popped in today! What wonderful news! My prayers are with all of you.

    thanks! I love your blog by the way.


  3. Absolutely incredible! I am so thrilled for you! I found you via Missy and stop in every once in awhile. Praying for you that all will go smoothly and that God’s hand will be seen in every step of this journey.


  4. Congratulations on the MATCH!!!!!

    Prayers for you and the potential birth family. It is an emotional time for everyone for sure!!! As you know, I am a mama thru domestic infant adoption as well.
    Feel free to email me anytime if you want to hear our ‘lessons learned!’ 😉


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