screaming fans

I had a “screaming fans” moment last night and for once in my life it wasn’t me screaming about some star.

It was the choir screaming for joy when Martin announced during the praise and prayer time that

“We are having a baby!”

And the whole place went absolutely WILD.  Normally staid adults screamed, jumped up and down in their chairs and made all kinds of undignified movements of complete and utter joy.

Then he modified it by saying “we have a match”  and the clapping and hallelujahs continued.      Meanwhile our director stood at the front of the room and beamed at us.

Honestly I was stunned at the reaction.  I knew people would be happy for us.  I knew we’d get tons of advice and hugs and smiles, but screaming?


There have been times that I know I’ve rubbed people in our choir the wrong way.  I’m in charge of the retreat every year and I get really pushy around time for the deposits to get turned in.  And I can really turn some people off with my push for memorization of songs.  We’ve submitted endless prayer requests when we were going through IVF and also on behalf of my brother.  At times I felt like people might resent us being so much “out there” ya know?   There’s also that “teacher’s pet” problem.  Martin and I are really good friends with the director and some people resent that.  Also we’ve only been at this church a little over 4 years.

So all in all I was stunned and really touched last night when the whole room erupted like that.

Just had to share.


4 thoughts on “screaming fans

  1. Awesome!!! isn’t it wonderful to have people celebrating alongside you? just wait til you have that little one home—you’ll be deluged with presents!!!!


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