Gratitude (week 5)

41. the cold sweetness of ice cream (or in my case, frozen yogurt)

42. friends. Bloggy ones, in-person ones, work ones, long distance ones. All kinds. The kind wishes and heartfelt joy that my friends of all kinds have expressed over our good news this week has amazed and humbled me.

43. forgiving bosses. Endless, non-work related conference calls with no warning during a business day can annoy even the most patient of bosses, but my boss beamed with joy for me the whole time.

44. co-workers with a sense of humor. Right now my boss is telling a story about his four-year-old son missing the toilet……nuff said.

45. the gift of a husband with a generous heart.

46. hot, fresh buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy.

47. pink grapefruit. in sections. My dad does this for me sometimes as a gift. He takes a whole grapefruit, peels it and then peels the “case” off of each section as well. sometimes when he asks me what I want for Christmas this is what I ask for. seriously.

48.  office machines that actually work when you need them to.  Despite all the horror stories floating around out there, my computer and scanner worked today, even under deadline pressure with the chair of the department standing over me and a 4million dollar grant proposal on the line.

49.  my mother. who said “yes of course” when I called and asked her if she would make biscuits and sausage gravy for dinner tonight.

50.  sudden summer rain storms.  I hated them as a kid because it meant we had to get out of the pool and crowd into the pool-house with way too many other suddenly bored kids and watch our swimming opportunities dwindle away.  But now?  I love ’em.  the power and majesty of a summer thunderstorm has so much beauty.

So that’s my list for this week.  To see what this is all about just click on the Gratitude tag in the “tag cloud” at the right side of the screen.


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