out of sync

This whole weekend my hubby and I both felt out of sync. With each other and the world in general.

I was grumpy and he was just….not all there. It was weird. We weren’t communicating well. Nothing disastrous, just little things that didn’t go as planned and we couldn’t quite adjust.

I was especially irritable with my dad. He has an unfortunate tendency to hover. If I’m having a conversation with someone (anyone) he will shuffle over and hover just beyond the physical range of being “in” the conversation, and listen. I find it very annoying, but normally I deal with it with some semblance of grace. This weekend though? I went up in flames every. single. time. And I scorched those near me. My mom even called me on the carpet for being rude.

So what was wrong? were aren’t having marital difficulties, it wasn’t really a surfeit of family time, it wasn’t lack of sleep. My lunch date with a friend who is having a troubled time recently only made me value my wonderful hubby all the more, so that wasn’t it. and it sure wasn’t stress from baby related stuff (grin)

I honestly think it can be traced to the fact that we’ve slipped in just the last week away from doing our morning Bible study. Sure we were still reading the Bible a chapter at a time in the evenings, but that’s not the same as what we were doing during our morning drives. Our evening readings aren’t in-depth. Frankly sometimes I even fall asleep before hubby gets done reading to me at night. but I don’t fall asleep on the drives. And the in-depth study (the Patriarchs by Beth Moore) and the workbook format keep me engaged and make me think.

The good news is we figured it out and we started back on the study this morning. I don’t instantly feel better, but at least we have our feet back in the right water. The nourishment will soak up into my soul as the day goes on.

Thank you Lord for the reminder of just how much I need you. Teach me not to forget it Lord.


One thought on “out of sync

  1. Oh my gosh sister, DITTO DITTO DITTO.

    First Shep was waking me every 3 hours with a cough so I was too tired to get up. Since then, Walker has been traveling so much, I don’t have the opportunity, because he gets up with the kids while I read my bible. And it SHOWS.

    God’s Word = Better Than Prozac.


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