Gratitude (week 6)

The sounds of silence

This morning as I lay in bed I was struck by the sounds in my quiet home

51. the whisper of my husband’s hand running up my arm as he tries gently to get me to wake up

52. the relief when either one of us hits the snooze button

53. the early morning breeze moving through the trees outside, sort of a low grade rustling whooosh

54. the light purrrrrrrrr of my cat Kenya as she sits on my back and tries desperately to convince me to stay home with her today.

55. the quiet jingle from the dogs collars downstairs as they begin roaming the house. Stretching, scratching an ear, yawning. I love it when dogs yawn.

56. the faint click of claws on the kitchen floor as our elderly dog makes her way to the water bowl

57. the creak of the bed as my hubby temporarily gives up on waking me and goes to start his morning ablutions

58. the cool stirring of the air in the room from the ceiling fan.

59. the beat of my pulse against the pillow when I snuggle down further under the covers

60. and under it all, the single thought, crashing like surf in my brain over and over and over again: “we are having a baby! we are having a baby! we are having a baby!”

this was my litany of gratitude this morning. the things I noticed and took joy in, no matter how small or how great.

Enjoy your day. Spend it immersed in a grateful spirit and offer your your thoughts to God as a sweet smelling savour to Him.


One thought on “Gratitude (week 6)

  1. The sounds animals make are really some of the best sounds. I know most about cats because I live with one, but dogs are great too. Purring is one of the best sounds in the world!

    My sister brings her dog home with her on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I always like hanging out with him. His nails click on the kitchen floor, he’s a noisy drinker (he slurps), and he’s got a great bark which he’ll do on command. 🙂


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