One night with the King

all right, I know I’m behind on my movie reviews.  I can get this one out of the way with just one word though: underwhelming.

normally i don’t get too bent out of shape when people monkey with a story, but let’s face it the story of Esther is pretty darn good to begin with.  It’s mostly action and deeds driven so it works really well for a movie script.  It’s got great characters, fantastic suspense and a very satisfying conclusion.  As well as some slight comic relief along the way.

Why on earth the producers felt that they needed to complicate things is beyond me.  But for whatever reason they did it.  And it ends up overwhelming the beauty of the original story.

I’m not upset on Biblical grounds (although some probably would think I should be) I just simply can’t understand why anyone would choose to complicate a really fantastic story with a bunch of distractions.

oh well.


One thought on “One night with the King

  1. Rather reminds me of The Tudors. Historically, Henry VIII’s life story offered us, sex, violence, betrayal, treason, murder, and all that other fun stuff.

    Why did HBO find it necessary to add stuff?


    Yup. I guess they thought we couldn’t handle the twists and turns? The good part about the Tudors and the Esther movie is that they DO raise interest in the time period. and I don’t know about this year, but LAST year the HBO Tudors website was pointing out differences between real history and what was happening on the screen. I thought that was cool.


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