good morning everyone

Hi.  welcome to my blog.

This week I’m getting to know two of our new hires. We got a really good crop of new professors this year.  Well, maybe “crop” isn’t the right word.  There’s only three of them, but considering that we usually hire only one a year if we are lucky, having three in one year feels like a crop!

I’ve got a surprising amount of work to do today even though it is summer.  But that’s cool.  Nothing drags on quite like a summer day at a desk with nothing going on. ya know?  So something to keep me busy is a good thing.

But that whole “getting to know you” phase with these new teachers is very awkward.  In a sense it is fun, but there’s always that little bit of caution.  “how much should I share”  etc..

In blog land though I don’t seem to have that caution.  No matter how many bad experiences I have.  No matter how many times people look at just one or two posts and conclude that I’m disturbed, it doesn’t seem to deter me from pouring my heart out.

Oh well.  Welcome to my heart.  If anything I say disturbs you or makes you wonder if I’m okay, post a comment and we can chat.  Or read over more of the blog to try to get a feel for where I’m really coming from.

Get to know me.  I’d like to get to know you as well.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy this glorious day that the LORD has made.


One thought on “good morning everyone

  1. Disturbed?? Not at all!! 🙂

    I pop in here a few times a week, I love your honesty and the way you refuse to beat around the bush. You are in my prayers that this whole journey will be a blessing to all involved. Keep pouring out your heart!


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