Beth Moore (aka my miss beth)

up till this year I swore I would never do a “Beth Moore bible Study”

First off I thought she was just a “self help” type of writer.

Also I hated the marketing campaign. I thought it was awful (although certainly not unique) that every time you see a poster for one of her bible studies SHE got top billing. Like it was HER NAME that was more important than whatever might be in the actual study.

Always when you see the posters it reads like this:


on the book of Daniel

instead of

A study of the BOOK OF DANIEL

by Beth Moore

I thought to myself that I never wanted to be one of those shallow people that “follow” a certain celebrity. I prided myself (yes I know, it was wrong) on following CHRIST, not some “new fangled modern person who thinks they’ve heard from God” But at the same time, I knew almost nothing about relating to God as a adult.

See any thing wrong with that? oh yea. well I do too ……NOW

Well a couple of months ago my friend Missy over at itsalmostnaptime gently admonished me and filled me in on the fact that Beth really is very humble and she doesn’t arrange the marketing and would I please just give her a try. I told Missy I was studying the Old Testament and did Beth have anything to cover that? I thought for sure she wouldn’t.

Little did I know. Missy suggested the Patriarch study. So Martin and I contacted the library at our church and sure enough, they had a copy of the DVDs. So we ordered the workbook, checked out the DVDs and did the study. Just the two of us.

I know, I know. It’s supposed to be a WOMEN’S ministry, but Martin really enjoyed it. Beth is just so down to earth and her questions are so thought provoking and she is totally about the BIBLE. Not about her own opinions or self help type stuff. Sometimes we would catch ourselves discussing the material even *gasp* outside of our official bible study times!!!!!!

which is sort of the point, eh?

Anyway, we got to the end of the Patriarchs study and there is all this extra material at the end showing Beth talking to her editor and one of the people who arranged for the Egypt trip where they filmed all the intros and stuff. It’s also got behinds the scenes stuff and one of the things they showed at the very end was Beth and her husband Keith walking hand in hand across the rocky desert at night.

My husband was watching with me and he said

“I wonder if he even knows”

???”what? he knows what? What are you talking about?” I asked

He skipped the DVD back and said “see! right there!”

me: “What am I looking for?”

and then he said the sweetest thing

“Watch Beth honey, she is lengthening her stride to stay in step with Keith and I’m not sure he even knows she is doing it. Isn’t that great?”


Isn’t that so like us and our heavenly father? We need to stretch sometimes to keep in stride with Him.

and it is SOOOOO worth it.

So my gratitude list for today is short:

1. Thank you Lord for putting someone in my life to help change my mind and bring me closer to you

2. and thank you Lord for the amazing work you are doing through the life of Beth Moore. She is your servant Lord. Continue to bless her and the work she does in Your name.

oh, one more (MOORE?) thing… hairdresser, in an attempt to fix the damage done by a recent cheap hair cut just gave me a cut very similar to my miss Beth. I joked with her that even though we are headed for “Amy Grant” when it grows out, right now we are in a “Beth Moore” phase with the hair. She gasped and said “THE BETH MOORE!” you do her studies too? and then a conversation ensued about which studies we’ve done, etc….just had to share, ’cause I knew Beth would want to know. I mean it is HAIR after all.

and that IS important ya’ll

8 thoughts on “Beth Moore (aka my miss beth)

  1. Beth Moore does rock!!!! Love her Bible studies and God has really used her in my life. Our church just did a Beth Moore study and have heard lots of great things about it. I didn’t do it this time but my friend Lynn said she would get the dvds and I could do it. Another friend of mine who is fighting breast cancer is going to do the study with me so I am excited about doing this.

    Love ya,


  2. Toldja I wouldn’t get to see the haircut.


    Ya know, sometimes you surprise me with how well you know me. it’s almost spoooooky


  3. What a great post. I love the thought of us matching our stride to match our Lord’s. Beautiful.

    Thanks Jackie.

    I can’t take all the credit for that one though. so much of that post came out of a conversation with my husband. I know Beth’s stuff is supposed to be women’s ministry, but Martin and I got so much closer to each other while discussing her questions. We find out such interesting things about each other and I am daily amazed at the love my man has for God. We will continue doing her studies together whenever possible.


  4. toldjaso toldjaso toldjaso


    The Beth rocks.

    You should have seen her recently during the Breaking Free Tues nights when she was talking about letting go of loved ones who do not want to be free. She paused and said, I need to tell this to myself. Then she sat down on the floor sideways with her legs out in front of her and just started shaking her her finger at her own self and saying “they do not WANT to be free” or whatever it was and said “Excuse me, i am just going to have some bible study with myself for a minute” and mumbled some more and finger pointed some more and came back. Oh goodness, it was funny. That is a large part of the reason why I love her, she is so self-deprecating.

    I think she may have been thinking about her sister, I think her sister is an alcoholic.

    I wonder if that little “conversation with herself” will show up on the final tape. And I can’t help wondering if my church will invest in the new version. We have the old one, but I’m holding off doing that study ’cause I want to see the new one…..ya know, the one with My Miss. Missy in it 😉


  5. Ahh funny to stumble over to this little discussion! I have not done a Beth Moore study either. My Bible Study girls who have done many of Beth’s studies have decided that the one we did this year (my first) was just not enough and they must return to Beth Moore. I tsked and shook my head. I wondered why is she so great? Is she the Bible study queen? Seems a little much to do only Beth Moore studies. They assure me the work is well worth it. They assure me I will be happy. They so sweetly talked me into LEADING next year’s study. ahhhhh, what am I doing?? I haven’t even met Beth Moore yet, am I crazy?

    God has sent me into discussion after discussion about Miss Beth lately. People for no reason at all are telling me about their experience with her studies, and here again I fall into one. Think he’s sending me a message? I’m feeling really drawn to the Daniel Study so, I’m gonna try to read and watch it over the summer. Maybe I too will end up cutting my hair like hers by fall!



    She really is wonderful, but it’s more that God shines so clearly through her.
    and the hair thing was an accident. I didn’t MEAN to get it cut like hers, it just happened.


  6. I know this is old, but I am replying anyway. Her studies are great. I ahave done “Beleieving God, Patriarchs” Daniel, Breaking free and Living beyond yourself.

    All great #1. Daniel – best
    #2 Living beyond yourself

    Yes, she is humble and can kncok your socks off.

    If you have not done her Daniel study you NEED TO.

    The second half is all about end times. You want to understand things. This study does it. And Girls, we are getting ready.

    Sorry not gramatically corret , just a quick note.

    We just finished Daniel. Wow what a study. Mind stretching to say the least.
    welcome to my blog


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