I’m going to get to meet Beth Moore!

in person!!!!!

and ya’ll this isn’t going to be a rushed run-into-each-other-at-a-conference-and-hug-each-other’s-necks type meeting

I’m gonna get to sit down with her, kick off my shoes, curl my feet up under me and TALK. (and listen) for. DAYS!

I am just so lucky I can hardly stand it ya’ll. It’s just gonna be so much fun!

of course it won’t be till after we are both dead. So I’ll be missing all ya’ll that are left down here, but….well, I mean really, it’s BETH MOORE for crying out loud.

Oh and did I mention that I’m planning a nice long hug and a chat with Hagar? oh yes. I’ve been wanting to have this talk for a long time.

This is crazy folks, but it only just really HIT ME a couple of days ago, that I’m going to be in ETERNITY with these people. How cool is that? I’m gonna get to hang out and really get to know them. And my husband’s daddy. I met him here on earth, but I never really knew the man he was before disease ravaged his brain. Oh and Doctor Luke and Timothy and Christ Jesus himself! and oh I have got to talk to that boy’s mother! my word what a handful.   I want ALL the DIRT, ya know? Raising HIM must have been a wild ride.

I don’t know why this concept has never really sunk in before.

Maybe it was something Angie Smith said about please don’t write to her saying “I know we’ll never meet, but….” cause it makes her so sad and she knows she’s gonna see you in heaven. and she is another one I have just got to sit down with. and I can’t wait to meet all FOUR of her girls.

Maybe it’s that I have so many Christian girlfriends all of a sudden who are so scattered all over and with gas prices being what they are I just don’t see us getting the kind of time we really want with each other this side of heaven.

Oh and I want to meet all the Patriarchs I’ve recently gotten to know (Beth introduced us. She’s such a sweet thing) and how many questions I have for them.

Or maybe God just wanted to tickle my soul and give me something incredible to look forward to.


4 thoughts on “I’m going to get to meet Beth Moore!

  1. Hey, great perspective. Now you have me thinking of the huge list of people that I’m gonna get to hang out with in heaven. So very cool.

    What keeps blowing my mind (over and over again) is that we will never run out of time to develop these friendships. This is ETERNITY we are talking about. I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around it in abstract terms but when I think about someone like Beth Moore having time to sit down and really one-on-one get to know and enjoy a real friendship with each and EVERY one of the women who have have been ministered to through her videos and bible studies. WOW. That image helps me to grasp the overwhelming HUGENESS of Heaven’s time span.
    It. Will. Not. End. That single thought is so beautiful I can hardly stand it.


  2. Oh, and thanks for your encouragement with the whole weight loss thing. It’s hard! I think the worst part for me is still having to cook things for my hubby (still nutritious, but just not necessarily stuff I am supposed to have), and being tempted to have some myself. But…we’ll get there!

    Well if all you are cutting out is starches at dinner and refined sugars in general, go ahead and cut them out of his meal plan too. It won’t kill him. And it’s better for him in the long run.


  3. Your blog title is a hoot! Just thought I’d stop by and tell you how much I like it.

    Blessings on you,

    Which one? this post? or the whole thing? Thanks for stopping by. I like the topic you are currently pursuing on your own blog by the way.


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