Father’s day

This Father’s Day weekend was heavenly.

My darling hubby and I went on a trip up to Mentone, Alabama. Mentone is in the mountains. Nice quiet, small town atmosphere. but other than driving through, we didn’t spending any time in town.

We spent all weekend in a cabin with 3 other couples. The guys mostly fenced (two of the wives are also fencers so they fenced too). the other two wives, myself and Monica were kinda on our own for the day. Which was fine by me. Monica rode horses and went shopping.

I was a total slug on Saturday.

I spent the “morning” in bed. Well, alright, I got up and cooked Breakfast with Martin for our cabin mates at 8 a.m., but after breakfast someone else did dishes, Martin got ready to fence and I ??

…….…I went back to bed.

And I didn’t crawl back out of bed till 3:00 p.m. !!!!! Then I sat on the porch and read a book (Creative Correction by Lisa Welchel) and watched my husband (who was still fencing) till about 4:45. I would have watched him longer (I adore watching him fence) but the bugs drove me into the cabin.

Safely inside I had a looooooong tub bath in a large Jacuzzi tub. After which I sat around and played cards with the other wives and then ate dinner (that someone else cooked). Then I stayed up playing table games with a couple of the others and my hubby.

At midnight I checked the clock and said “Happy Father’s Day” to my hubby for the first time ever.

One by one everyone drifted off to bed and Martin and I were left playing Pente all by ourselves. At some point we decided that since we were supposed to make breakfast again the next morning, we should probably get to bed.

Sunday was almost as good.

We got up around 8:30 or 9:00, cooked breakfast,
someone else did the dishes again, then we all packed
and loaded the cars, cleaned up the cabin together
and then sat around chatting till it was time to check

On the way home Martin and I stopped at Berry College
to play Frisbee golf (they have an 18 hole course on
their campus) in the sunshine and then we finished
our drive home.

It was really a lovely weekend. Especially considering
that it was (hopefully) the last time Martin will have
a Father’s day without small arms wrapped ’round his
neck getting grape jelly on his Sunday shirt.

Ya’ll I am just indescribably happy.

(and before any adoption opponents go getting all hot under the collar, our matched mother/birth-mother/mother of the child we hope to adopt called us on Sunday to say how excited she is for us)

In retrospect I could have spent more of the weekend with God, and I wish now that I had. Last week was a hugely draining week. Friends were in crises point and I was the one begging God to tell me me what to say and what to do, so this weekend of absolutely nothing exciting was like a gift from heaven.

So even though I missed a great opportunity to be in the word all weekend, please don’t judge me too harshly.


2 thoughts on “Father’s day

  1. I think I have been to the cabins you describe in Mentone, back in my college/sorority days! Except it was not nearly so luxurious sounding, don’t remember any jacuzzi tubs, LOL!!! It is indeed a beautiful area.

    Glad you had a fun weekend. And how sweet for the potential birth parents to call you this weekend, that is so sweet.


  2. I think that sounds like a glorious weekend. No judging here!
    But for as much as I love hearing about the weekend, I am stuck on this matched birth parent thing. Did I miss an important post??? I do not remember reading about this.
    I have another blogging friend who has JUST gotten her adopted baby after years of infertility and waiting. Great story.
    Will you email me the link if there is a post with a story in it? I really want to read it.

    of course. just go back in my archive to the posts from May 21 and 22.


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