with all apologies to Remy (of Ratatouille) and Karen’s daughter over at “surviving motherhood”

I Don’t Like Rats

And now, through no fault of my own I have an attic full of them.

But before you judge me or my housekeeping skills, let me assure you that the professionals said this is NOT an issue of how clean we keep our house. Unlike bugs, rats (apparently) do NOT eat the food in your house. They do their shopping out of doors, at night. They just use your attic (and all that fluffy insulation) for a nice secure nest.

I pride myself on being a good hostess, but not to rats. ick!

This whole thing has just turned my stomach.

The first clue was a horrid smell when one of the little beasties died in the attic. Martin got rid of it quickly, but in the process we discovered that we needed a professional. Most houses (unless you live in an impregnable castle made of metal) are built with a certain amount of easy access to pests. It’s just the nature of how America builds houses these days. So the professionals have to come and basically armor the house (close all the rat-sized doorways) then make all the others leave (before they expire inside) and to keep them from coming back EVER.

I’m still a bit creeped out by the whole thing.

Anyway, I was debating whether my blog should be a sanitized version of my life, or an accurate reflection of my life and my experiences.   And therefore whether or not to post anything at all about this, cause I know it is going to seriously bring me down in the eyes of some of my readers (all four of you).

But there is a temporal lesson to be learned here: get your house armored against rodent type pests BEFORE you notice any evidence of them. You REALLY don’t want to have to go through what I’ve been through the last few days.  The money is NOTHING compared to the humiliation and stigma attached to having to tell your boss that you need the day off to deal with a rat infestation in your attic.

Then I started thinking about how there is also a spiritual lesson in this. Sometimes, no matter how clean we keep our spirit, rats do enter our lives. We are just built that way. Like our homes, we are not impregnable castles, but GOD can protect us. Ask HIM, everyday to keep the rats out of your life………the four legged fuzzy ones as well as the two legged slimy type.


3 thoughts on “rats

  1. I found your blog through someone else’s blog…I can’t remember who…. But I saw where you had responded to a post and mentioned Atlanta. I am wondering if you live in Atlanta. I just moved from the Atlanta suburbs to the beautiful North Georgia mountains. And I want to tell you something…….

    We had rats too when we lived in the “burbs of Atlanta”. We had them in 2 different houses. When we first found out I was shocked, embarrassed, AND grossed out! I wanted to fortress my house…. We hired a pest control “get rid of rodents” and paid an exorbitant amount of money to safe guard our house. But it was worth it. No more pesky rats…UNTIL WE MOVED… I couldn’t believe it. Thankfully they weren’t as bad as the first house. Someone told me “it’s just part of living in Georgia”……WHATEVER……

    Seems these attic rats are also called “roof rats”….they climb up trees and jump off them onto your roof, looking for a quarter sized hole to squeeze themselves through to find shelter…

    I feel your pain….been there and done that twice, hopefully forever….


    I think you may have found me through Missy (itsalmostnaptime) anyway, welcome! Thanks for commenting and I really liked your devotional over at the CWO cafe.

    One can’t help but wonder, since this is such a common problem, why don’t construction companies make that a “premium feature” for new homes. I KNOW I would pay extra for it…..if I ever get around to building a dream home that is


  2. My dad’s house got invaded by a norway rat or two right after his stroke. Brazen, arrogant little bastards they are. I, too, called in a specialist.

    I asked, as he was getting situated, if he ever did human trapping.

    Boy, his head swiveled around like Linda Blair’s.

    “Not for rats,” sez he, in a flat voice of Doom. Then I got a quick lecture on the three ways rats can kill you without you ever seening them, and it went downhill from there.

    The only good rat is, apparently, a dead one.

    So that was what we did.

    “Such mortal drugs I have, that Manuta’s law is death to he that utters them.”



  3. We have the same problem – our house is old and leaky, both in the attic and the crawlspace underneath. How gross! The rats stare at my husband from the roof with their mean beady eyes and it drives him bananas.


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