good bye Toni

Martin’s sweet old cocker spaniel died today.

Well, actually we had to have her put to sleep, but she was very close to going on her own anyway and we just couldn’t stand to have her be so confused and she wasn’t eating and…okay, you know what, let’s not dwell on this.

later on I’ll dig through boxes of photos and come up with some young spry puppy portraits of Toni, but for now, here is the last ever photos of Toni and her loving daddy (These are from two Sundays ago BTW. We were NOT snapping photos of her on the way to the vet’s this morning. That would be creepy)


Martin is really deeply upset by this. He cried so hard and so loud that it alarmed some patrons and the desk clerk out front. So much so that the vet actually came back in and asked me if he was going to be okay. He got a laugh out of that in the car later as we went to go take our other two dogs to play in the park.

so the answer is, yes, he will be alright. eventually.

until then though….I’m driving


4 thoughts on “good bye Toni

  1. I am so sorry to hear that. I knew Toni some years ago and she was such a funny dog. And sweet. I loved her freckles and the way she would try to walk under Mimi the greyhound when it was raining 🙂 Please let Martin know I’m sorry.

    I will pass on the message. Of course you are welcome to hug him yourself this weekend, we will be seeing you this weekend, right?


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