first off I have a question.

How the blazes did my sweet little niece go from this

Ivey at age 3

to this:

Ivey at 15

What on earth happened? did I sleep for a dozen years? Help!

for the record she doesn’t normally wear that much makeup. This was for a 60s party for her best bud Carly.

Martin and I were invited too. Actually mother and I made the cake, so she sorta HAD to invite us, but she also made a point of saying that she adores us and wanted us there with or without the cake. Sweet kid.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting much.  I mean it’s a theme party for teenagers.  Some of the most selfconcious beings on the planet, right?   and it’s the 60s.  a VERY SILLY season in the fashion world.   But my word these kids got INTO it, therefore we did too. Martin went all out:

Including jeans with hand drawn art by yours truly. I’ve never really drawn on jeans before, but wow it was fun! Look out world, I think I’ve found my new calling. Wearable ART!

Here are some samples:

the Mermayde one got better later as I colored it in and added shading. I’ll post a photo of it in more detail some other time.

The birthday girl is in a band and she got to rock out for all her friends. Child’s got skilz ya’ll. Look out Joan Jet this little bit of a thang can wail.

So here we were, in full Peace-Time party gear

I know, I know. I really needed a flower in my hair. Sorry. I’ll do better next time.


2 thoughts on “flashback

  1. I remember Ivy as a child and you should be so proud- she is beautiful and if she is anything like her aunt-she’s witty and has the inner strength that runs in the women of the family. Hopefully soon I will have the strength to tell you about mom. God is evident in her healing and my sanity(or lack of). I am home and glad to be there. Got home today and am enjoying every moment of being with my kids and my man again. Thanks for dinner the other night-saved what sanity I had left and what a treat to run thru our past-sometimes with our pants on fire. Love you and Martin.


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