Gratitude is an attitude

but it doesn’t involve a grrrrrrrrrrr sound.

What I mean by that is that it’s not really gratitude if I’m grinding my teeth.

Pray for God to unclench my teeth this week.

Life is not going quite as planned right this minute.  I AM praising God, but I’m kinda doing it through clenched jaws.  So please pray for me as I spend this weekend learning to let go of the wheel ……….. graciously.


One thought on “Gratitude is an attitude

  1. Isn’t gracious obedience almost impossible? I can do sobbing, adject obedience, angry, “you-forced-me-into-this” obedience, but you’re right – it is hard to let go and be gracious and thakful about not being in control.

    Of course, some might say I do very few things graciously, but what else can a bumbling NY-born girl do? 🙂


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