a good hair day is a blessing from God

Given the current state of chaos my life is in, I was surprised this morning by a very good hair day. And I commented on it to my husband.

Martin looked at me, smiled and said “well I guess this just proves that hair days – good or bad – are randomly generated”

and I said “no! they are a blessing from the Most High!”

I just had to share that with ya’ll. Cause, it IS hair ya’ll. and that’s important. spiritually. I know ’cause Miss Beth says so.


4 thoughts on “a good hair day is a blessing from God

  1. It is so a blessing! I totally agree.

    Have you ever noticed when you’re at the end of your rope, hair-wise, and you make the call to the hairdresser, your hair hears you and tries to make amends? I have had 2 perfect hair days in a row, all because I have a hair appointment tomorrow – that hair up there knows it’s coming down, and it wants to try to convince me to cancel the appointment.

    Can you tell I need medication? I think my hair and I communicate on some level.

    Tari that is priceless! welcome to my humble abode, come on back anytime.


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