water and weeds

In blog surfing recently I ran across a story and I honestly can’t remember where I read it, but it is haunting me…in a good way.

This lady was out watching her children run through a sprinkler in her yard and she found herself looking at the difficult weeds along her path. They’d been really annoying her so she thought to herself “alright, while the kids are playing, I’ll be useful”

She knelt down to pull the weeds, expecting them to be just as stubborn as usual and was pleasantly surprised by them coming out of the ground very easily. “well of course,” she thinks to herself “the ground is wet, that made it easier for the weeds to come out”

Then she paused, and let that sink in.

Maybe when God sends rain into our lives, it’s purpose is to soften the ground of our hearts so he can more easily pull out the weeds that are growing in there.

If you know who posted this story originally, please let me know. I want to go back and comment on her blog, cause this concept is so simple and yet so FULL of meaning for me.

Now I also want to add to the analogy: where else can you pull up weeds with total ease?  Certainly not your yard, the dirt is generally too packed and there are too many grass roots and such in the way.

tilled earth.

Like a garden, or a flower bed.

So Lord, please harrow me up, till me, rain on my life, do whatever you have to do to remove the weeds from my heart.


3 thoughts on “water and weeds

  1. love this…

    perhaps Angie at “Bring the Rain” could relate…

    I’m a newby to your blog…I’ll be back. I found you from Missy @ Almost Naptime.

    thanks for stopping by. And yes, I bet Angie would love that story. but I’d be really surprised if she has time to read even half the comments on her blog, let alone go to other people’s pages.
    welcome to the crazy-ness


  2. I have been so busy and have been meaning to comment on your recent events. I wanted to tell you how incredibly rare your actions are, and how much you should be commended. You did what hardly anyone in your position actually does. You said ‘no’ to a dishonest adoption.

    I’m sorry for the pain that comes along with doing the right thing, especially when it comes to letting go of a certain baby you thought might be your baby. But, you can definitely rest at night knowing that you didn’t participate in that kind of family business.

    Also, a killer haircut has the power to propell you out of the lowest funk.


    Thanks Tina. That really means a lot. But I can’t take credit for being completely altruistic. There were other things that they lied about, I just can’t talk about them on-line. I’ll admit tho that the whole “grandparents didn’t know” thing was the last straw. It made walking away a much easier decision emotionally.


  3. All right, I got an analogy I learned from Beth that goes with that. It’s late so I’m gonna be brief, but read Psalm 84.

    The Valley of Baca was the driest, roughest place in the desert. It meant Valley of Tears. When we are in a Valley of Baca, we are in a hard spot in our lives.

    “they make it a place of springs” – springs in the desert – springs = tears. That’s how we grow from our deserts.

    My favorite line is the next one – they go from strength to strength. That’s what we do. We are only in the valley until we get to the next mountain.

    Here’s a little more on it –



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