sometimes God just freaks me out

Like this weekend for instance.

Ya’ll all know that we had an adoption match that “went south”

The birth-parents went AWOL, we found out the extended family didn’t support the adoption, all kinds of stuff happened to ensure that the match was one that we would walk away from.

But through all that happened last weekend we came away from it with an absolute conviction of the integrity of our Kansas agency and we made some incredible friends. God is good.

But not only is God good, His timing is…..well downright spooky.

Our first match fell through on Monday, July 7th. The point at which we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that things had gone horribly wrong is when our birth mom didn’t show up for her scheduled sonogram. We were there, at the doctor’s office, with the agent, waiting. hoping against hope that they would show, but they didn’t. That appointment was for 9:30 a.m. Monday, July 7th. (remember that date and time, okay?)

We came home to Georgia. We cried. We prayed. we sent out the disappointing news via email. We praised God for His plan that we knew was going to be good, no matter how disappointed we were at that moment.

The very next day, Tuesday, we got a call about a another couple. This one was 30 weeks along. Healthy, married, 23 yrs old, blonde………..And then came THE QUESTION:

Do you want to talk to her?

Well…….Yes, of course. And also …….. no. We were scared. What if this was too soon? Were we grasping at straws? hooking up with the first thing that comes along? Is it like re-bound from a boy friend breakup? do you need to wait?

and then sense re-asserted itself. NO, there is nothing holy about waiting. And if God is in charge (and we believe that HE is) then HE was the one that placed this couple in our path, so we should talk to them.

We got the dossier/file, did the conference call, and we really got along well. It helped that all four of us are into the same obscure sport: Disc Golf (which I have posted about here before). The guys are more into it than we girls are, but that’s okay. Mel and I had other things to talk about (and before anybody goes off the deep end on me, yes, we have her permission to use their names, they call themselves the birth-parents and they are already calling the baby “your baby” and calling her by the name we have picked out) .

We went out to Kansas to see them and really had a wonderful time together. If we could, we would adopt Steve and Mel along with their baby. These two are really motivated and active and honest. They even refused gifts that we wanted to give them, which is very different from the last couple let me tell you.

So we are matched again !!!!! We have met and loved the birth-parents. We have rubbed (at her request) her beautiful pregnant belly, and we are all holding our breath hoping her little girl stays in there for the full term (just nine more weeks to go ya’ll!)

Here’s a photo of us with Steve & Mel from this weekend:

Deirdre, Martin, Mel(and Ginny), Steve

Deirdre, Martin, Mel(and Ginny), Steve

Isn’t God just amazing?

Now here’s the spooky weird part. The EXACT time that our first couple was supposed to be getting their sonogram………..

Is the SAME DAY AND TIME that MEL was having her sonogram.

9:30 a.m. Central Time, July 7th, 2008

Like I said, sometimes God just freaks me out!


24 thoughts on “sometimes God just freaks me out

  1. I can’t see a thing on that sonogram. Perhaps you can look at it with me when you get home! God is good and His timing is always perfect. God help me to believe that in all my current circumstances!



  2. Good for you! I’m so glad we’re naming it Ginny. ^_^

    Yes, her name is Ginny. Virginia actually. But Ginny for short. Unless when we meet her the name just doesn’t fit somehow. But we are pretty sure it will fit.


  3. As an experienced mommy (ha!) i can tell you that i *think* that #D sonogram is of the face and hand – face in mostly profile looking to the right, eye closed, hand next to mouth.

    Of course i could be way off and we could be looking at an elbow…

    Congrats! I still have a pile of stuff you should be able to use! (now sooner – eek!)

    Used girl stuff/clothes would be grand. We are still gonna deliver your piece of furniture…..somehow. Don’t worry. And yes, sooner could happen any time. So we are on high alert and will have our bags packed anytime after tonight. eeeeek!


  4. Do think I see it!

    You said September. If we are due in September, you will not be in the hospital nursery swaying with Ginny in October–I don’t think!

    I just haven’t updated my MEEZ. and they don’t grow up THAT fast. But you are right, we will be long home from the hospital by then.


  5. Wow- that is amazing!!! Now you have good reason to check out those consignment sales I sent you, although I am sure you’ll be showered with presents when the baby arrives :-0

    Sales!!!!!! yea!


  6. One of my associates, Mother of a two-year old, was just here and outlined the sonogram for me. I do see it “perfectly” now! When I had my babies, you my dear, I did not know til birth whether you would be a boy or girl.

    I don’t know how you are staying at work. My excitement level has gone over the top!


    She has quite the cheeks doesn’t she. modern medicine is almost overwhelmingly informative.
    I’m starting to feel like I’m supposed to be in Kansas every weekend.


  7. She is beautiful. And perfect.

    And our God is also Beautiful and Perfect…what timing!

    Congrats! Only 9 or10 more weeks…wow!!!

    Thanks. We are still just blown away by the timing of it all. And thanking God constantly that our nursery is basically done. ’cause I just can’t imagine anything constructive getting done if I was this excited AND had to pick out nursery stuff.


  8. Congrats guys! there isn’t a better couple that deserves this!!
    I’m soooooooo happy for you!!! keep me posted as I will have nothing to do at home….. (wait!) I’ll be bonding with Evan:) but really… keep me posted…and yes…GOD IS AMAZING!……miss miss ya!

    welcome to the blog. we miss you. It’s been a drama around here. Poor Todd (my boss) has been awash in a sea of very distracted women. this place is just baby central all the sudden. 😉


  9. That is TOTALLY FANTASTIC news! The God and Goddess sometimes move in eerily mysterious ways. It’s awesome that you four gelled in such a great way. This seems like it was much more meant to be. Congrats!

    Hi! Welcome to the blog. the disc Golf thing was like a sign from on high, especially for Martin and for Steve. When they re-located they had to each just bring one suitcase (I think) and the thing that Steve refused to leave behind were his Golf Discs.


  10. That is TOTALLY FANTASTIC news! The God and Goddess sometimes move in eerily mysterious ways. It’s awesome that you four gelled in such a great way. This seems like it was much more meant to be. Congrats!


  11. I’m thrilled for you! Plan A. all along. You knew in your heart your baby was out there it just took a little guidance and a lot of faith! My prayers are with all 4 of you and little Ginny! Congratulations!

    thanks Marci, We are just praying that Ginny stays put for a while longer. At least till the first week in September.


  12. Congratulations!

    Somehow, my computer went kaput (“blue screen of death” and it wouldn’t reboot), so I had to reinstall Windows XP and lost all my bookmarks and feeds, so I haven’t been keeping up with *anything* lately, but have just now caught up and am sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you!!!

    Thanks. *grin* Welcome back, sorry your computer has been “under the weather”


  13. I’m so happy for you guys! Our God is an awesome God! Sometimes it’s hard for us to hang on and trust in him, when everything seems to be going wrong. But, when we do our faith in Him is renewed and he has a lesson for us as well. God is good all the time and all the time God is good! You will be awesome parents and this baby will be blessed! God bless the birth parents for being so unselfish and loving. For wanting a great life for their little girl. She will be so loved and treasured! I love you guys!

    God Bless!



  14. I am so happy for you both. I was sitting here reading your post, and started tearing up. I had to explain to Savannah I was happy not sad, hard concept for a three year old!

    Your baby girl is BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to meet her in person in a few months. God is awesome, and he overwhelms me with his goodness every day. I will continue to pray for you guys, and I can’t wait to see you and give you a great big congratulation hug! Babies are such a miracle, you don’t realize how much you can love a person. It feels like your heart will just burst. I am so happy that God has given you such a perfect match with a family that sounds ideal for you. Ginny will be so blessed to have you as parents, just as you are blessed to have her as your daughter. If you need anything other than prayer, just let me know!

    Careful I *may* just take you up on that.
    thanks. it feels so good to be able to share good news


  15. Hey guys,

    We got interupted last night and I didn’t hear all of the story before we left Salem.

    God has perfect timing everytime…..

    Ginny is going be sweet….

    Love you both.


    Hi Linda,
    Welcome to my blog. Stop by anytime.
    We had planned to tell the whole choir at Salem, but the opportunity just didn’t happen. We rushed through rehearsal and then dinner, then we sang and scattered. It was kind frustrating, cause I REALLY wanted to tell you all the good news…
    Now we just pray for Ginny to stay inside, where she belongs, for a few more weeks.


  16. Congratulations, sweetheart and Martin. Looks like my great niece is gonna happen and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

    You won’t believe this, DeeDee, but Alex is newly pregnant. She and Michael are very excited and have been trying to get pregnant for about three months. We are praying hard that everything goes alright for these two and Jeannie and Pierre. The whole family is over the moon.

    Love, just love your news. I know sister is going batty at the thought of holding that baby. So much love to you and Martin.

    love always,

    Aunt Juanita

    Hi! Oh My! Alex is Pregnant? when is she due? that is such amazing news.


  17. What an awesome God we serve! He never fails us (I think that’s the name of an anthem) we just need to trust in Him in all things because His timing is perfect. You will be awesome parents and you and your baby girl will be so blessed. I pray for the birth parents in making this decision and that Ginny will make her grand appearance on schedule.
    God Bless

    Thanks Iris. The support from our choir has meant so much to us.


    The same day and the same time. Don’t you just love it when God shows off like that?
    I haven’t been over here in a while. I had some very exciting catch-up reading to do, and I am so very happy for you and Martin.
    And to think, when your heart was breaking, God knew this was all taking place. He knew how it would all come about. And He was looking on you with understanding and love. He is so good!
    Rejoicing with you, dear sister!

    Welcome back. I know how it is. I have too many blogs to read myself and I’m new to this whole gig and not a published author and all. I just can’t imagine how many blogs you must have to keep up with. and yes, God is so good it sometimes just bowls me over.


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