the laying on of paws

Last night the bible study group that meets in our house was thrilled to hear the update that we are now matched with Mel & Steve and that Ginny is on the way (just 9 more weeks at most).

After sharing the details that we could and laughing a talking a while, the leader of the study asked if we would mind if the group prayed for us.

and I thought to myself ??? Mind? how could we mind? of course, PLEASE pray for us!

So they gathered around Martin and me as we sat on a large footstool and put their hands on our shoulders and head and prayed. They prayed for us, for Mel & Steve and for baby Ginny.

It was very meaningful and loving and so touching to know that our friends take this adjustment and responsibility so seriously. They are sensitive to the various issues that come with adoption and they are praying for us as we navigate our way through the murky waters of how to raise a child with two sets of parents and two whole family groups. The hope of course is that we can become a blended, extended family who love each other and stay in contact.

One cute thing happened during the prayer: our cat – Kenya – came in to investigate. She picked her way in between all the legs surrounding us and then jumped up on my lap. Keeping her back paws on my lap she reached across with her forepaws and put them on Martin’s thigh. Then she stood there for the remainder of the prayer, looking intently up into Martin’s face. YES, I peeked. If something jumped into your lap you’d peek too !

When the prayer was over Kenya gave a little chirp and a nod and then returned to the floor and went back to doing whatever it was that she was busy with.

I just thought that it was really sweet that our cat took time out from her important naps and chasing fuzz balls under the couch to let us know she is praying for us all too.

That’s got to help in the cosmic scheme of things, right?


3 thoughts on “the laying on of paws

  1. I think it’s awesome that Kenya joined y’all during the prayer. I truly believe that our pets know when we are upset, and they are there for us. And just as God speaks to us through other people, I think he speaks to us through our pets as well.

    I’ve been reading a book called All God’s Creatures by Debra Farrington. It talks about how pets and all animals are part of God’s creation and that God loves them as much as us. At the beginning of the book, the author tells a story about how she was praying one morning and her cat jumped up in her lap (much like Kenya). Her first reaction was to remove the cat because she had interrupted her. But then she started thinking about why the cat had come to her at that time. Now she prays with her cat every morning.


  2. I think God sends our pets into our lives. He knows which pet should go with which human. Like my kitten Isabella. She came to join our family almost 3 weeks ago. I had previously tried to adopt a kitten. But, God know that it wasn’t the right time or cat for us. So, he put obstacles in the way, And I said well, it’s not meant to be right now. It will happen when it does. My vet called about 2, 3month old kittens. I decided to go look at them. I at first liked the prettier one, But she seemed scared and hid back of the cage. Isabella came up to me and look me in the eye and licked me on the nose. That sealed the deal for me. I know God knew we needed Isabella in our lives! She’s so loving and good with our daughter, We Jessie. We are blessed to have her!


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