the ice cream dilemma

Someone just e-mailed me inviting Martin and me out for ice cream this evening. We want to hang out with them, but the timing is bad. It will be well after dinner and almost right up against bed-time and I found my self thinking “no way do I need those heavy calories that late at night”

In every diet the theme recurs: eat lighter in the evening and eat anything heavy/starchy/sugary (in short anything you are going to have to work off) as early in the day as possible.

So doesn’t it follow that cake should be eaten well before noon? and Ice cream should absolutely only be consumed at breakfast?

anybody with me on this?


3 thoughts on “the ice cream dilemma

  1. So did you go and forego the icecream but enjoy the fellowship or did you not go and wish you had?

    We went. and it was worth it. peach ice cream yummmmmmmmmmm


  2. Summer is for ice cream. Not everyday. But, once in awhile won’t hurt!

    Well we ended up going for ice cream last night anyway. And, just like I knew I would, I woke up this morning with a serious sugar-hangover. ugh.
    oh well, the fellowship was worth it.


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