mushrooms, butter, cheese and pasta

This is my gratitude list for today.

I am incredibly thankful for the following:

  • for butter. The nutty flavor it lends to anything that cooks in it.
  • for pasta and all its versatility, especially the concept of ravioli.
  • for caramelized onions. Especially when done in butter and perhaps a little bit of wine to add sweetness…..yummmmmm
  • for mushrooms. Especially ones sauteed in butter. Or even those that have been cooked, chopped and stuffed into a small ravioli pouch.
  • for the folks at Macaroni Grill who came up with this lovely dish.  Mushroom ravioli, covered in caramelized onions, more mushrooms and cheese, then baked just long enough to make the cheese bubbly.
  • and (most importantly) for my husband who will dig down for his credit card when his wife gets an irrational craving for said mushroom ravioli dish at the aforementioned chain restaurant.

Sorry. I know it’s not a spiritually uplifting gratitude list for today, but dangit, that mushroom ravioli is STILL on my mind more than twelve hours later, so….there you go.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


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