cute moments abound

this past weekend Martin started rehearsing his BIG SPEECH.

It is very important to him. He wants to get every word right. He wants every nuance and shading of meaning to be perfect.

Of course he’s starting just a tad early. This speech won’t be needed for at least 14 years or more.

It’s the one that starts with the words “You lay one hand on my baby girl and I’ll……..”

On Sunday evening, it finally hit Martin that

“I’m going to be raising a DAUGHTER!”

I think what triggered it was that i bought a little tiny dress last night.  So now we had something in the baby drawer other than just unisex onesies.

DADDY PANIC has now set in.

He’s started assessing the local toddlers for future earning potential. He’s sure that every boy who will want to date Ginny is going to have EVIL INTENT. He’s obsessing about hem-lines and curfews. Oh and ear-rings.

I was AFRAID to even mention make-up. It might have overwhelmed his senses.

This is just going to be so much fun to watch.


6 thoughts on “cute moments abound

  1. Oh my goodness. Tell him he can practice on Ivey. She went to her “best friend’s” birthday party Sunday evening. That best friend is a boy!


  2. That’s as it should be. the bond between daughter’s and their daddies are a given. But, take heart. It will be awhile before Martin will have to worry about boys, makeup or earrings. My husband Craig has said for years that Jessie can’t date until she’s 30. That way he will be senile.



  3. I love it! When my husband and I were really young (22-ish), we would talk about whether we’d have boys or girls (when we “grew up and had kids”). My husband had this big speech he would always give about how, if he had a daughter, he would have to sit her date down and tell them that he had a rifle with one bullet in it – blah blah blah. One day he was telling this story to an older co-worker of mine who had 3 daughters, and the man said “I have one question – is that one bullet for you or her date?” That crushed my husband like a bug and he never mentioned his well-planned story again! Thank God we had boys!!! 🙂


  4. Interesting – has he considered what he would do if she brought *Solvi* home as a date?

    I’ll work on her bat-ducking skills just in case.

    hehehehehehehehe…perhaps you should ask him. But I doubt he’s going to swing a bat at anyone. It’s really more of a nervous dad speech. No actual violence involved. Honestly it would depend on her intentions. If they are honorable…….


  5. Well, that’s because Martin IS the boy daddies warn thier daughters about.

    I sympathize, tho. _I’ve_ got to rent a back-hoe to bury all the bodies. Between now and about 2020 I’m going to have to kill all the Bad Boys within about a 500 mile radius. And I don’t have time to do it all at once, or I’d rent a back hoe.

    But that’s gonna be a lot of shoveling to stay ahead of anybody who want to lay a hand on Solvi-B.


    you should have heard the evil laugh from Alyssa when we told her Martin was going to be daddy to a girl-child. She too knew Martin way-back-when.


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