gratitude (a sigh of relief)

Ginny is staying put for now.

That is what I am profoundly grateful for this week.

At only 31 weeks and a day old it was still too early for Ginny to consider being born yet, but for some reason she wanted to have an argument about it.

She insisted that she really did want to come early and the doctors insisted that she really needs to sit still a little while longer. Children don’t like to sit still apparently.

I don’t know if she is pouting or not about it, but Martin and I are very very grateful.

So thank you Lord, for the doctor’s that did right by mama-Mel and baby Ginny.

Thank you for sending her a doctor that is treating her with respect and tenderness.

Please be with mama-Mel as she learns to stay off her feet in the coming weeks. Send friends to her doorstep and give her sweet hubby Steve the patience to help her without making her feel helpless. Bless all the members of our weird, extended, crazy family as we wait for “the time to be accomplished” for Ginny to be delivered to us. Healthy, whole and happy.


2 thoughts on “gratitude (a sigh of relief)

  1. I’ve been off-line for several days and I”m glad to see both the original and the update at the same time! I’m glad she’s staying put! I went into labor with my first at 32 weeks. The doctor drugged me and put me on bed rest until week 36. My little darling had to be induced the week of her due date..those little people have minds of their own even before we meet them! Nursery looks good!


    Welcome back to the www. and yes, they do have a mind of their own. But God is good and HE can talk Ginny into doing what is best for her. No matter what havock it’s gonna wreck on my schedule. 😉


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