Mel & Steve’s other kids

****before I get into this post, I need to say this: please pray for Mel. She went into labor again yesterday and we may meet Ginny this week. Medically this is too early, but we are just gonna trust God that HE knows what He is doing. Even if the doctors are confused.****

Some folks have been asking me to show you Mel & Steve’s other children.

I asked Mel and she was happy to grant me permission to introduce you to the three I have photos of. You see Mel and Steve are raising three children, but Steve has other kids from before. I’ve seen photos and they are all adorable, by the way. We will be teaching Ginny to consider them ALL as her siblings and will want to introduce them to each other one day, but for this post let’s just work with the three youngest that Mel & Steve are raising together.

They are Mekenna (age 4), Adrianna (age 2) and Kannon (age 1)

Here’s the photos I have of them;

Adrianna & Kannon

Adrianna & Kannon



Aren’t they adorable?

Kannon’s pensive look makes me want to just pick him up and snuggle him.

Adiranna’s expression in that photo reminds me of Missy’s little girl/demon child Maggie. Something about the slightly evil “no really I’m innocent” grin as she looks up a the camera perhaps? Missy? what do you think?

Mekenna actually reminds me very strongly of a little girl I know here in Atlanta named Jessie.

All three kids are currently staying with Mel’s mother. They miss their mama and she misses them bunches too. Heck, we miss them and we haven’t even met them. But I’ve seen LOADS of photos of them and Mel told me all about them.

I’d love to just adopt the entire family. But we can’t. However it is nice to know that we are being grafted into such a sweet clan of people who love each other, even when they don’t get along.

Just like my family. 😉


4 thoughts on “Mel & Steve’s other kids

  1. All our prayers for Mel and baby Ginny.May God be with them both and keep them safe. Ginny’s siblings are so cute and full of personality! I’m sure Ginny will keep you on your toes.

    We love you!
    Melissa, Craig & Jessie


  2. you have no idea how true your comment on adrianna’s smile is. she is an angel but she has cute little horns that hold up her halo. : )

    Hi! Welcome to the main blog. Hope you are feeling better today.


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