update on Mel & Steve

Mel is resting at home. I would say she is resting comfortably, but that’s not quite accurate.

The contractions have slowed WAY down.  We think they may have been caused by a stressful situation a few days ago. Once the situation was dealt with, and things calmed down, the contractions eased.

Which is great news. We need Ginny to stay put for a while longer.

Please pray for Mel. She gets bored at home and the whole “resting on the sofa” thing is not really her speed. She tends to want to be outdoors and active. So pray for a spirit of peace to descend on her.

Pray for Ginny. Virginia Altie Aspen R. likes to kick and punch and move around a LOT and it is driving Mel nuts. She needs to be calmer and gain some serious weight! Ginny was just under three pounds (2 lbs, 15 oz) on July 21, so she’s still got some growing to do.

and Pray for Steve. It’s hard to wait on someone hand and foot for weeks on end. Even when you love them to distraction. Especially if that person is used to being active and going out to play a lot.

and pray for us. That when the call comes we will be able to get there in time and safely.

and that between now and the call we can manage to concentrate enough to function.

cause right now ya’ll, to be honest………..I’m so worked up, I’m like clinging to the ceiling

*** update***

while I was writing this post, Mel wrote me to say that Steve now has a job that will be 40 hours a week and starts Monday! This is great. But it brings up another prayer request: Please LORD, watch over Mel and get her to the hospital on time.


5 thoughts on “update on Mel & Steve

  1. I think this is all great news! I’m so glad things have slowed down. (It gives me more time to knit for Ginny!) Speaking of knitting, maybe it would help Mel to have something to do with her hands while she was resting. It might help with the fidgeting. I taught myself how to knit on a 16-hr Greyhound bus trip using a “Teach Yourself” kit.

    I think I asked her about knitting and the response wasn’t enthused. She has a laptop (with appropriate lap desk) and tons of movies. It’s the sitting still inside four walls thing that is making her nuts. She is used to going out and playing Frisbee golf with her hubby every day. it’s like trying to get our dear friend Kytte to sit still. Not gonna happen. or at least not willingly.


  2. Is there a guesstimate of how much Ginny is gaining weekly? Say, since July 21 was roughly 10 days ago, is it possible that she might at 3-1/2 lbs now and pushing for 4 lbs?

    Will someone be able to check in with her mid day or so when Steve starts work? I’ve got a couple of ideas of how you might distract her, if you would like.

    The only way to estimate Ginny’s weight is to do an ultrasound and they don’t like to do those every week. So we might get another weight estimate at the next appointment (Tuesday).

    fortunately Mel is on-line so she emails me anytime she wants. And we chat a couple of times a day.


  3. Glad to hear that the contractions slowed down. I know how hard bed rest can be. I couldn’t get up at all and was in the hospital on medical bed rest for 2 1/2 weeks before Jessie was born. If you think Mel would like to talk to someone who’s been going crazy laying on a couch or bed, she can e-mail me. Praying for Ginny to grow healthy and stay in Mel as long as possible!



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