self help books

I used to think Bible studies were basically Christian self-help books.

I mean once you were “right with God” why would anyone have to go to another one?

I thought it was only people who needed to know more about the Bible or to learn about God who would go to a basic bible study. And all the “more advanced stuff” was for people with serious personal problems. I didn’t want to be identified with either group.

I went to Christian school, and Sunday school, and Christian college. So I KNEW all the basics. and I certainly didn’t have any major problems.

Gracious, what could I possibly GET out of a bible study?

I guess it never occured to me that hardness of heart and pride was a PROBLEM !!!!!

and I didn’t know the bible as well as I need to.

As life goes on I know more and more surely that I know not even a tiny FRACTION of what I need to know about God and His word.

I’m not talking about memorization here, although it would be nice if I could get a better handle on that. I’m talking about knowing basic theology and knowing where to find help in the Bible.

Don’t really know where I’m going with this post, except to say that we all, no matter how mature we think we are in Christ, need to get into a regular Bible study habit.


3 thoughts on “self help books

  1. Totally! I don’t remember a point in my life I wouldn’t have called myself a Christian. I really thought faith was all you needed and all those people who could just quote the Bible..crazy! Now all of the sudden i feel this overwhelming desire to know what he’s saying! I have come to the realization that growing up Methodist is fine, but there is more to his word, more to Him. All the sudden I feel really thirsty for that knowledge. Knowledge I thought I already had! Glad to know I’m not alone!

    I’m just so glad that people understand what I’m trying to say here. It wasn’t the most well-crafted post I’ve ever published.


  2. You know, I’m constantly surprised and amazed at the workings of the Holy Spirit! Especially how He reveals to me the things I most need to know -right now- if I will only dig into the Word. I have done the same Bible study multiple times, and each time it is fresh and pertinent to whatever I am struggling with at the time. I equate it with how a sermon is received. A whole congregation will hear the same sermon, and yet each person will walk away with a different emphasis that the Holy Spirit designed just for the needs of their heart, that day.

    too true hon. too true.


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