more is not necessarily better

If some is good, then more MUST be better, right?

If More is Better then a whole HUGE HEAPING PLATEFUL must be best, right?

This is certainly true if you are talking about a huge plate of mushrooms sauteed in butter. Absolutely. You will get no arguement from me there.

but Olympic coverage?

well, maybe not.

I hate to sound like an old, desperately un-hip person here, but I can recall a time when Olympic coverage was on ONE channel and pretty much in primetime only. The three weekends were all Olympics all the time which made them special.

back when I was a kid, All of America sat down after dinner and watched


yes, I know this meant that mens underwater basketweaving finals often got short shrift in favor of some of the more popular sports. But there was a unity to it that is missing now.

I came into work this morning boucing and happy about the US men’s gymnastics team and their struggle to WIN bronze. And yes they WON that bronze. They didn’t “lose” silver. They came, they strutted and they kicked some gymnastic TAIL. It was amazing. Watching the Chinese men’s team was also inspiring. I loved seeing how much this means to them. There was a time when the chinese teams didn’t show emotion at these big events. but now they do and it is endearing.

But was anyone in my office prepared to talk about the various triumphs on the apparatus? NO. Half of them had watched some other event on ANOTHER CHANNEL and the other half are already burned out on Olympic coverage.


Then there was yesterday when I came in to work absotlutely BUZZING about the 4 x 100 mens freestyle relay in swimming. I was prepared to have fantastic, animated conversations with my co-workers about Michael Phelps’ contributions to the team and America….but NOT ONE person in my office had actually seen the race live. Two people had seen it, ……taped.

talk about a downer.

Now I realize that T.A.P.O.B. ( the Association for the Promotion of Olympic Basketweaving ) is probably going to send a hit man at me for saying this, but I want to go back to the old days. Where the Olympic coverage was less……dense. I don’t want to have to pick between EIGHT channels who are all broacasting different Olympic events all at once.

I want to go back to a time when if someone watched the Olympics last night, there were watching the same thing I was and we can feel connected.

That is supposed to be part of what the games are about after all….connecting people.


7 thoughts on “more is not necessarily better

  1. Well, I saw the men’s freestyle relay race live, and I thought it was awesome. I love an upset especially when the favored team is so cocky and the underdog is my team! I’ll be happy to discuss it with you…:-)

    flashbacks to THE hockey game back in 1980 eh?


  2. You are going to hit me for this, but it does mean you are (not getting old) but experiencibg another phase of your like when you start remembeingr the old days and how it used to be!



  3. I’m with you. I think I’ve only got 2 channels — but I watch Regular NBC thankyouverymuch.

    Michael Phelps is awesome. And a couple of those pommel routines were the most awesome thing evAR.!

    Volleyball? Not so much — but I do hope we win.

    And remember when you got to see *all* the medal ceremonies — and all of the Big Sport Finals (whether the US was playing or not)?



  4. It really is odd that so many people aren’t watching. I didn’t live in Atlanta when the games were here but was it different then? Perhaps that is the difference now. The games are so far away, in China, and it’s just not quite the same? Idk.

    I have been watching…and forcing my 8 year old daughter to watch some of it because I feel it is educational and inspiring. She really took no interest in any event, said it was all “boring”, until ladies gymnastics. She saw a girl do an amazing flip off the vaulting apparatus and said, “Now THAT’s interesting!”

    Like mother, like daughter. When I was her age, that’s all I wanted to watch too.

    I still remember falling off a footstool while watching THE hockey game in 1980 but my eyes stayed riveted to the TV the whole time. I was an ice-skater, an avid swimmer , an admirer of horses, and I loved watching the gymnastics. So for me the Olympics always had tons of connection for me. It would probably have been impossible to get me to NOT watch.
    then again, my parents limited our normal TV viewing to 30 minutes a day per kid. so if I wanted to watch a 1 hour long show I had to convince my brother to give me his minutes. So the Olympics were sort of a glut of TV for us kids. We would have eaten up just about any sport they showed us, just because we were getting to watch TV!


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