4 pounds of praise

I just got an email from Mel.  At her sonogram today the doctor’s said everything was great and estimate Ginny’s weight at 4 pounds!

This is great news.

Also Mel & Steve are both doing great.   Steve is enjoying his job and Mel is enjoying school.  There is even the possibility of her getting a scholarship to go to college if all her tests scores are high in a few months.

We are so proud of these new members of our extended family.

Just had to share.

For the record we believe that the Lord put these opportunites in place, but it was up to Steve & Mel to take advantage of them and they have.  With flying colors.

Thank you Lord for your goodness.  Your mercies endure forever.  You are faithful to all generations…..including the sweet little four pound bundle of energy known as Virginia Altie Aspen R……..Ginny for short.


4 thoughts on “4 pounds of praise

  1. Four pounds and moving on up. This is exactly what I was praying for. Honestly. God hears and answers!

    I am so glad Mel is doing so well. I think that GED and college is exactly what she needs to equip her for the new life she is building. I do hope to meet this awesome young lady some day!



  2. Hey Deirdre,

    Thanks for the props the other day about my blog! I am happy to know there are people out there actually reading it!

    And congrats on the good news about Ginny!


    You deserved it. I really love your style.


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