sock puppets for Jesus

I just ran across a back entry in one of my on-line journals and it had this thought:

Lord make me your sock puppet. Just the human casing wrapped around your hand reaching out to minister to the world round me”

wow. I don’t know what kind of coffee I was drinking that day, but I want more of it. what a really neat thought.

Perhaps the analogy falls down at some point, but I really like the image.

I am just the window dressing, the costume, the wrapping of human flesh. By myself I can do NOTHING except droop limply over the back of a chair. Have you ever seen a sock do anything on its own power? get up? dance? walk around the room? even move itself one millimeter on its own?

nope. didn’t think so.

That’s because socks have no real life. They might lie there, limp and THINK they have a life. They can imagine the concept of getting up and doing cool things. They may want to do it. But they just can’t. Who am I to say whether socks have the capacity for imagination. Can you prove that they don’t have it? well alright then.

Well that is a perfect description of me folks.

I have no real life.

I have no ability to be a spiritual being. No ability to follow God’s commandments. No ability to do anything truly GOOD on my own. The ONLY good in me is GOD.

Only with the hand inside the sock does anything resembling LIFE happen. The puppet can move, speak, act, pick things up, teach, sing. But it’s not really the puppet doing it. Take away the puppet and the Hand would still be able to do all those things.

Have you ever seen a talented puppeteer use no puppet at all? it’s is really amazing. In an esoteric, artsy kind of way. But it is far more accessible, easier to understand when the puppeteer uses an actual puppet, even one as simple as a sock puppet.

Breathe LIFE into me Lord. Not so I can go off on my own and function, but so that your hand can be constantly the driving force in my life. I don’t want a pretend life, I want your life. your blood, your spirit.


4 thoughts on “sock puppets for Jesus

  1. Yowie! I was googling my website,, when I saw your post right at the top of Google, listed directly after a few pages from our site in the results. I just had to click in to see what ridiculous thing was being posted about us now. Several people online protest against us and Christian puppetry in general. They call it everything from a waste of money to a demonic act. I guess they have never seen a child saved through the art of puppetry, or a whole reservation, or village for that matter. Puppetry is a wonderful tool for sharing God’s word.
    Anyway, I do digress. I absolutely love your post. It is beautifully written. I LOVE analogies, and I have often said that I want to be a puppet for Jesus, but have never analogized or heard anyone analogize it as lovely and as intimate as you have here. Thanks for posting it. It was exactly what I needed at just the right time. Keep up the good work, and may God bless you beyond imagination!

    Thank you Andriea. And welcome to my blog. Our choir uses puppet theatre as a way to get teh choir members out of their shells and willing to do something silly. Eventually we might use it as a ministry tool. right now were are just getting them used to the idea.


  2. Back in 2009 I was being a little silly with a friend, longing to tell her about Jesus, but she took it SOOO seriously, so I picked up a sock and started talking like a wacky ‘Christian’ puppet. I then thought the words ‘sock puppet for Jesus’. I’ve got a blog called ‘SockPuppetsforJesus’, LOL!


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