active labor

sorry for the blogging slump (although does it really count as a slump if it’s only been two days?)

ANYWAY…We spoke to Mel on Tuesday. She had been uncomfortable all weekend and when she mentioned this to her Doc on Tuesday, the doc checked and said “well no wonder, since you are now 3cm dilated”


Nothing drastic is happening though. They gave Mel her final Progesterone shot and sent her home with instructions to go to the hospital if she feels anything different.

don’t you just LOVE specific instructions?

At any rate, Mel is home now. Counting contractions. They aren’t close enough to really time them yet. Apparently “active labor” can go on for weeks!

I wouldn’t have believed it, except for all these blogging friends I have acquired recently who are either in the final stages of delivery or have just completed it and almost all of them had LOOOOONG “active labor” stages. See, God MADE me blog so I would have all these friends and so I would know not to panic.

So we are not panicking. We already had tickets to go out and see Mel & Steve this weekend anyway.

Please pray for safety for all of us: Mel, Steve, Ginny, Martin, Me and especially for good judgement and discernment on the part of the hospital staff, doctors and nurses.


6 thoughts on “active labor

  1. WOW! Your Mel is in that wacky NEAR TERM time. I hope the babe can stay in for another two weeks or so, but that seems a little unlikely. I hope you are lucky to be there when the big event happens!
    So, get your desk in order and be ready to take that maternity leave! BTW. What is the plan? Will you drive out there when the baby comes? or bring her home on the plane?

    Well when we get “THE CALL” we will send out a prayer alert email, hop in the car, drive to the airport, muscle our way onto a flight to Wichita and pray we get there in time. The trip back will be much calmer. We have friends lined up at 3 hours intervals all along the road from Wichita back to Atlanta. So we can truck on down the road, or if Ginny is getting fussy, we can stop at a friend’s house.


  2. Looking forward to news, but I can wait! I was in “active” labor and dilated 3 cm from 33 weeks with Lily. At 39 weeks I as at 4 cm. At 39 weeks 4 days they gave me a bit of pitocin and broke my water and a few crazy hours later I was holding a sweet girl who just really enjoyed keeping us on the edge of our seats!

    You are all in my prayers and i’m still holding out for September! =)

    SIX WEEKS of active labor? okay. You take the prize Marci. wow.


  3. I was at 3cm from 31 and a half weeks until 37 weeks exactly. And then my first baby was born!

    Next Wednesday that will be seven years ago. I’m tearing up as I type this. I remember that waiting, waiting, waiting. I was so worried the baby would come early, and yet I was so excited to get to meet him/ her/ whomever.

    I cannot believe he’s just begun first grade.

    But enough about me….

    I am so excited for you and this new chapter of your life. Hang in there, sister. I’m already praying for you. And you are already so far ahead of where I was in my walk with our Father. He’s going to hold your hand every step. Keep leaning on Him. I don’t know how moms who don’t know Christ do it.

    Keep us posted!!

    You bet.
    what is it with the 6 weeks of labor thing. Sheesh. you ladies scare me.


  4. No six weeks labor with you my lady. Only twenty-three hours of hard labor. You were born exactly on time. Had a perfect and predictable pregancy. Of course you do know the story, and it is true, that going up the elevator to the labor room , with my hands on my watermelon belly, I was still saying that I would believe it when I had the child in my arms (!). Had no idea that it would be a girl!


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