review: sex and the city

Yes, I actually went to see this movie.

Yes, I know. I had always avoided the show. I mean how could I possibly enjoy something whose theme appeared to be all about promiscuity? How could it not be with such a blatant title?


While I still don’t know anything about the TV show, I can certainly say this (albeit a bit sheepishly) I LOVED the movie.

Okay, there were some flaws. The actual sex scenes were, for the most part, completely unnecessary. They could have been cut without losing any story line at all.  I mean, we are all adults here.  Most of us know what sex is, we don’t really need the visual.  Those scenes are only in there to make the guys who watch the show happy.  Correct me if I’m wrong here ladies, but I don’t think most women get the same kind of voyeuristic thrill that guys get out of seeing naked sweaty *other people* having sex.  I’d ten thousand times rather be teased with a tiny glimpse than have it paraded blatantly in front of me on a 40 ft high screen in technicolor.  ahem.

But other than that, the themes of the movie were fidelity, friendship, faithfulness and the harm that comes when we don’t communicate. There was even an underlying story of a strong woman learning to let the man in her life be in charge.

I was, quite frankly, astounded.

At best I was hoping for the slightly guilty pleasure of an evening out at the movies with friends. What I got was a really enjoyable movie that I am still talking about two days later.

Of course the admission price *could* have something to do with putting me in a favorable frame of mind. I went up to the window. I asked the ticket girl for four tickets to “Sex and the City”.

there was a pause

then she asked me for TEN DOLLARS

I stuttered “I need FOUR tickets, not two”

She blinked at me and said “yeh, four tickets, TEN DOLLARS”

I gave her the $10 bill. She handed me FOUR movie tickets, to a Saturday evening showing.

I wandered away in a daze.

You see, in Atlanta, ONE movie ticket on a Saturday evening costs $8.00


6 thoughts on “review: sex and the city

  1. The themes that you listed for the movie are the same for the TV show. I love the show. You should give it a try.

    well, given that football season is ready to start and add its own brand of confusion to my already over-busy schedule, I don’t think it’s likely that I’m gonna have time to pick up any new shows. But even beyond that, I wouldn’t want to subject myself to all the sex scenes. They are just so blatantly thrown in there to keep a certain portion of the population happy. Maybe one day I’ll buy the DVDs and just use the skip button……..


  2. I LOVED THE SHOW. I didn’t discover it until it came on tv at night . I didn’t watch it on HBO because I didn’t have HBO. I loved the idea of 4 women being friends no matter what and not judging each other with their decisions whether they agreed or not. Charlotte and Samantha had complete opposite ways of viewing love, sex, and relationships with men but they were able to be good friends and be there for each other thru everything without judgement. I love you Dee b/c in my past, you were there for me. Also, don’t make sweeping judgements on things until you watch them. Yes there are things I don’t like about the show but even Samantha , who is looser than any, has confidence and she is self-assured about herself and I would love more of that. If you take the test on FACEBOOK, I took it and am SAMANTHA JONES. What a compliment. I bought all the seasons on DVD but my favorite is the last season, give it a chance.

    oh is it on regular TV too? I assume they did some serious editing. Well I guess I could watch that. IF I had time….which I don’t.
    did you see the movie yet? it’s great.


  3. The reruns shown on cable have been edited for content. They don’t have the gratuitous sex scenes and language that originally aired on HBO.


  4. Yes, the TBS version has been edited a lot, and my husband still groans when it comes on! LOL. It’s my guilty pleasure though- ha haa. (the TBS version!) 🙂

    The way the movie was structured it almost seemed like they were making it possible to easily edit out the sex scenes. Martin assures me that the shows were structured the same way.


  5. Haven’t seen the movie yet. Haven’t had an overwhelming desire too. Maybe I need to grab a girlfriend and go see either that or Mama Mia!

    I took the Sex & the City character quiz too…I am Carrie. Oh and I took the Jane Austen heroine quiz just now…it says I’m Marianne Dashwood.

    alright, where is this Sex and the City character quiz everyone keeps talking about?


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