in the airport…..

Just posting to say HI as we wait for the plane

the three travelers...waiting for a flight

the three travelers...waiting for a flight


typing the "last" email to the gang

typing the

***for those who think that’s a starbucks cup, zoom in, look closer,….it’s Seattle’s Best.  Which was the closest thing to Starbucks on Concourse C


10 thoughts on “in the airport…..

  1. Hopefully your flight has left and you are almost there! Glad to see the Starbucks cup. You’re going to need a couple of more before the day is out. Will stay glued to this site for the rest of the day!

    Love you much.



  2. Mom & Dad

    Well, be careful what you pray for and wish.
    Being a parent will come “naturally”, wheither you are a natural or birth parent, from experience.

    You know you both can count on me for prayer and support. Ginny will be loved and cared for, perfect…
    Love all of you



  3. Hi, if you had enough sense to tell us that it was not a Starbucks cup, then for goodness sakes tell us if you are in Kansas, at the airport, at the hospital, or where.

    Did you make it in time. Its 3:30 and I am out of my mind going back and forth to this SITE for word from you.

    Its been 14 hours since the “hard labor” started. NEWS, NEWS, NEWS, FROM LONDON, PLEASE.


  4. Dear hearts, it is 11:30, just two hours short of 24 since Mel started hard labor. I am not sure that I will be able to sleep at all without some word from you!



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