news from Kansas….

………..nothing yet.

Mel is sleeping…………….. fitfully.  The contractions have not really progressed.

Martin and I are at the agent’s house trying to get some sleep.

When things change, Steve will call us and we will get up and go straight back,

But for now, nothing to tell.

These things can go fast or they can take forever, only God and Ginny know what is really going on or when we will get to meet her.

Trust me, I’ve thought about posting about 20 times today, but continuing to post “nothing yet” seemed silly when we were hoping that any minute things would change.

So anyway, that’s the news from Kansas as of 11 p.m. local.

I’m off to go get some sleep.

oh, pray for Steve’s parents who are currently making the drive from Wisconsin to spend the holiday weekend here too.


11 thoughts on “news from Kansas….

  1. Funny, you’ve been on my mind off and on all day! I just checked in a few minutes ago and nothing…but had this urge to pop back over. Get some rest (yeah, right) our prayers are with you!


  2. Thank you so much! Nothing yet, was good for this Grammy. Just to hear from you was all I needed to let me sleep tonight.

    Will pray myself to sleep now! Ginny will come soon. And you got there in time! Hang in there.

    Love you both.



  3. Checked on you this am. Thinking of you all. Will send out a “newborn” parcel of stuff (mostly clothes) for you this weekend.


  4. Hi

    Rest while you can, because when Ginny get’s here you won’t have any time to rest……spoken from an experienced Mom and Grandmother.

    Prayers for all of you….love Linda


  5. Here’s another thing to think about while you wait: I assume that the baby will come between now and Sunday, but she comes on MONDAY she will officially be the Youngest Girl in her class at school. Remember, In Georgia, you have to be 5 on or before September 1st to be enrolled in kindergarten. How about that!
    Call me if you need anything.


  6. Assuming nothing new so far today. I can handle this just fine now that we heard from you last night! Did Mel come back home to wait, or is she still in hospital? Still praying.



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