1:45 a.m. and ALL’sWELL

The doc just popped her head into the waiting room to tell us that Everybody is fine, Ginny came out screaming. 

Happy Birthday Virginia Altie Aspen Russell


8 thoughts on “1:45 a.m. and ALL’sWELL

  1. I knew I was hanging around here tonight for some reason! Congratulations!! Still praying for all of you, but now I’m going to bed to do it! Have a beautiful night! Can’t wait to see pictures!


  2. Yea, Yea, congratulations to all. You got to know that I am still awake. I brewed Starbucks espresso ground coffee at 4:00 a.m., after talking to you both; layed back down to try to sleep and it is just not happening!(I tried to sleep for 30 minutes before actually drinking the coffee, but finally did drink it.) I am still glued to this blog hoping for pictures soon.

    Gosh, you must be out of your mind with excitement and joy! Please hug Mel for me and tell her “job well done” and I know she is feeling much better now, even though she has just had a c-section. So no more contractions! She is one awesome young woman and I sincerely thank her for my new granddaughter!

    Love, love you and praise God for his ultimate and wonderful goodness. Maximum impact!



  3. Well done to all.
    I want pictures soon…
    Now to Mel. I have had a long labor followed by a very fast C-section. My advice: Get up and walk. There will be a gas bubble that will settle under your shoulder that hurts like the dickens. Keep it moving by rolling from one side to another in your bed. The longer the bubble sits, the more it hurts. Take ALL the drugs that are offered.
    You WAY have all my sympathy. Bless you. And you will heal eventually.
    Now, about those pictures…


  4. They are there, epbush. You just have to visit all the posts to get them. She has posted them in the narrative at appropriate spots. But Martin told me there are hundreds! and they will be posting more I am sure. The one of Martin, Deirdre and Ginny is already posted as my desktop!


  5. In God’s perfect timing.

    We in Snellville are waiting to see a family of 3!

    Stephen’s ministers were praying for you last night.

    Love to all, Linda




  7. Praying for you all.

    I can’t imagine what Mel and Steve and their parents are going through right now. Their strength and their conviction must be incredible.

    And congratulations. The pictures are so cool!


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