daddy’s little longhorn

We are now daddy’s darling.  We have gone from this:



to this:

Ginny the Longhorn

Ginny the Longhorn

And the world welcomes one more football fan in training

12 thoughts on “daddy’s little longhorn

  1. Hook ’em HORNS!!!!
    Now… let me tell you, Ginny dear, about Ohio University… They call it the Harvard on the Hocking. And the Band ROCKS!!!


  2. Congratulations, how wonderful!

    This post made me think of Ginny’s Little Longhorn in north central Austin. Maybe y’all have been there too……


  3. Love it!

    Good nite all 7 of you. So glad Steve’s Mother is with you. Otherwise how would you know what to do?? Hug her for me for taking such good care of you!


  4. You can never start ’em too early. How sweet! Now, what’s Martin gonna do if she want to go to Georgia? 😉

    Actually if I can hang on at Emory she will be going there for free. So it’s really more a question of teaching her the right fight songs to sing all during the fall. And yes, we will include Georgia (you haven’t seen her stroller yet) and GATech, and Tennessee, and Texas Tech.

    however there will be NO cheering for the Aggies. (Sorry Walker)


  5. Hey, People!

    Deirdre’s “Little” Brother, here. I think your miniature Mother Theresa is adorable. I didn’t think she could get any smaller or wrinlkier!

    Seriously, though, she’s great. I can’t wait to meet her and Kris (the wife) is absolutely GUSHING, like all you female people do when there’s new loin-fruit lying around. Babies are like joints to women. They can’t help but pass it all around and take a hit off the mushy part on the top of their heads.

    Any-Hoo, Congratulations, Y’all. You totally deserved this, after all you’ve been through.


    Steve & Kris


  6. I agree with Missy. You are there! We are all jealous and getting all our touchy feely from these pictures. I am almost enhaling them. Please send more. You are teasing us! I do know you are couped up in a hospital room and that downloading is a problem. But do try when you can, please And when do you all get to leave that hospital?

    AND, I would be delighted to be the family live-in photographer. Where do I pick up my ticket?

    Again, News, news, news from London!

    And my lady, you really rate (as you well know) with Steve entering a comment on your blog.

    Love you.


  7. There are many people here in Georgia anxiously awaiting more pictures and news! We know you are deliriously happy and busy but please post more pics.

    Can’t wait to see Ginny and her proud parents!


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