more photos of Miss Ginny

our beautiful Mel

our beautiful Mel

Mel, holding Ginny.  Lovely lady we can not ever thank you enough.

Steve holding Ginny
Steve holding Ginny

Steve, Thank you for entrusting your gorgeous little girl to us. 

You two are amazing people.  Please always know how much we love you and we promise to raise her to know that you love her.

One thought on “more photos of Miss Ginny

  1. WOW! All I can say is WOW!

    Seriously, these people truly are amazing! They must love that little girl so much and trust you so much! Ginny is lucky to have all of you!

    We are blessed to have them. They will be coming to the baptism too. Ginny will have all three of her namesakes at the baptism.
    God Is Just So Good


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