to Ginny’s adoring fans

Yes, she is adorable.  yes we love her a huge amount.

Yes, we are “home” from the hospital at JoAnn’s house where there is much better internet connection


We now have no nurses coming in at all hours and doing things for us.  We have no one to bring us food, or ice water.  And the bed is really really super comfy.

Hence the lack of posting for the last two days.  Sorry ’bout that.  We’ve been trying to keep Ginny on a feeding schedule (20 ml of formula every 2 hours or so.  Actually it’s more like every 3 hours since it takes an hour to get her to drink 20 ml of formula and then she sleeps for two hours afterwards)

So photos.  Ok.  here you go.

Ginny wants a nap now, and her needs are more important than her fans……sorry 😉


6 thoughts on “to Ginny’s adoring fans

  1. Hey, Deidre and Martin. I am so happy for you! Ann sent me your blog address, so I have been keeping up with what’s going on, and it is so wonderful to finally see Ginny in your arms. Ivey said she is going to be Ginny’s big sister, and she will read to her. We are so looking forward to meeting her. So I will look for new pictures when you get a chance to post.


  2. Hope things are going well. These pictures are awesome. I know I acknowledged and responded, don’t know where my comment went! The picture of Ginny with bear is so familiar. We took one just like it in your crib with Winnie the Pooh. ANd the bear was not big; just shows how very small Ginny is! We must put those pictures side by side in a frame!

    Have talked with Martin and know you have your hands full! And also know you are doing fine. I got one missed call from Martin, but haven’t reached you on this. Call again!

    Love you so much, all three of you.


  3. Deirdre and Martin and Ginny (and Mel and Steve and… ),

    What an amazing and wonderful process this must be for all of you. Just wanted to let you know I’m keeping up!

    Love, Susan


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