Day five

Ginny’s fifth day was quite eventful.  We rode in a car (second time, old hat really) we saw (and charmed the socks off of) lots of nurses, we ate at a custard stand, and we shopped at Target.

A note from Ginny:

Unfortunately mommy and daddy were way too busy actually dealing with their first day out and about to even recall the existence of the camera, much less actualy take pictues of my cute self.  So you, my adoring public will have to be content for today with a few shots of me and my birth parents from dinner out at the manse.



A note from Martin and Deirdre: Please pray.  Ginny’s got a higher-then-the-docs-want billirubin level so we are going in for more tests today. Also her intake is not increasing fast enough.  Please pray that our sweet little girl will be alright.


4 thoughts on “Day five

  1. Love seeing new pics!

    We’ve done the billirubin thing, it’s really a little scary for a new mom but it’s very very common. I totally freaked out(this being a minor understatement) for a bit with Dax. I’ll be praying for Miss Ginny’s tests and for you to be calm and secure in knowing she is always in His hands!

    How is Mel doing after such a long and traumatic birth? she looks pretty good!

    I’ll keep praying for all of you as your worlds change, that God keeps holding all of you!

    Hope you get to go home soon!!


  2. Maggie had jaundice. So much so that for a while, one half of her body was completely yellow and the other half completely white. It was like there was an invisible line around her belly, cutting her in half, and everything north of the line was yellow. It was so weird. The whites of her eyes were yellow! And she still did not have a high enough count to do the tanning bed!

    Jaundice makes them very sleepy. So for about 10 days you think you have the sweetest, best, easiest baby in the world.

    Then the jaundice heals.

    Muhahahahahahaha 😉


  3. Jaundice is easily fixed, the docs will just take her off your hands for a few hours and give her a lamp treatment. Easier than a nap.
    She will eat. She will eat. She will eat. Fear not.
    When will you be coming back home?


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