update to Day Five

The billirubin level in Ginny’s blood has gone down.  Which is funny ’cause she actually seemed yellower today than yesterday, but whatever. We will take good news where ever it shows up.

Like for instance:

  • the doc says we don’t have to keep the caps on her head anymore except when it’s cool out. 
  • And Ginny IS getting enough to eat …….almost.  She should be taking in 10 ounces a day and she is already up to 9.  So we are doing well and tonight she has already eaten three seperate feedings of over 40 ml each, so it looks like we may be on our way to another increase in feeding habits.  (an ounce is approximately 30 ml. by the way)  The problem was that the “target intake” we had been shooting for was based on healthy, full-term infants, not a 1 month early, 5 pound infant.  So now that we have adjusted numbers, the outlook is much better.
  • As for the jaundice, since we are in hot, windy Kansas and shouldn’t be exposing her to all that dust and such, they said we can put her in a sunbeam in the window of the house.  For instance we can lie down on the carpet with her (on a baby blanket of course) and just play or nap in the sunbeam for 20 minutes twice a day.  It will help.  But the biggest factor is to get her intake levels up.
  • We were worried about all kinds of things that the doc reassured us on.  He laughed at us in a good natured way and basically confirmed what you all have been telling me: we are just first time parents and totally paranoid

Oh another good point to today: I have been finding more and more Starbucks here.  At first I thought there was only one in town, but lately I’ve been finding more.  Either that or Martin has been diving in circles….either way I’m happy.

The big news for tomorrow (thursday) is that we have a court date.  This is not the final step to getting to come home to Georgia, but it is ONE step in the process.  We have loved being here and spending time with Mel & Steve and Steve’s folks, but I want to come home.  Choir was tonight and I missed it so very much.

Vivian & Dan (Steve’s parents) are leaving in the morning to return to Wisconsin, so please pray for traveling mercies for them.

Below you will find the obligatory photos of the day. One is of Ginny the other three are of Martin & Steve playing Disc Golf.  Steve’s step-dad Dan went along and snapped the photos.  He was apparently less interested in flinging plastic than he was in taking photos of he scenery.  Disc Golf courses tend to be pretty scenic out here.


5 thoughts on “update to Day Five

  1. You are not paranoid, just “normal.” 🙂

    Didn’t realize you still had legal stuff to do to bring her home, but guess that makes sense. Will keep reading to see when you’re home.

    Glad all is looking good. Today is a beautiful day here and I know there will be plenty of sunshine in the future (literally and metaphorically) for Ginny.



  2. Thanks for all the news and photos! I know it’s hard to keep up with all of that and a newborn! But, we your friends and family are happy for any news and pictures! I know it’s hard not to worry over the little things. It’s gets easier as Ginny grows and does well.

    Missing you all and can’t wait to meet Ginny!



  3. You can’t be any worse than I was. I remember thanking God that I had not killed Tommy on his first week anniversary.
    I can’t wait to see Ginny, we are praying for you all.


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