my child has been to court

At the tender age of seven days my child has made her first court appearance.  And charmed the judge completely. 

Actually Martin did a lot of charming too.  He and the judge got into an extended conversation about Journey to Bethlehem (of all things) and hit it off really well.  So that went through without a hitch.

Also the ICPC paperwork has been recieved in Georgia, so we are just waiting on the state office to do their thang.  So there is a *possibility* that we can head home on Monday.  But we won’t know till mid-day Monday.

In the meantime, we are spending some more time with Mel & Steve and enjoying our time here in Ginny’s birthplace.  Wichita, KS really does have lots to offer. 

oh and Ginny is eating better: 10 ounces a day for almost two days now.

For your amusement, I will now post some photos of the place where we have been staying.  Our agent here in Wichita graciously lets her adoptive couples stay in their home.  These were taken by Steve’s step-dad Dan.  Once you see them you will understand better why I feel a bit like this is all still a dream.


7 thoughts on “my child has been to court

  1. Hey! ^_^
    Glad to see my cousin’s alright.

    Virginia Altie Aspen Gerard Russell? When did the new names come in?
    And she’s got me beat, three middle names.

    Love you,


  2. Wow, what a place! It would be kind of like a dream world! Glad to hear going home is looming in the horizon! I’m sure in some ways it will be wonderful to take your little princess to her own castle, but in other ways, a little hard to go.

    When you have some free time I’d love to hear the story of her name!


  3. Okay, adding on to Ivey’s comments and repeating myself on an earlier comment…how am I going to fit all of Ginny’s name on the baptism certificate : ) I think we need a bigger certificate!

    And once again, you know I’m just kidding!

    The house is lovely and so wonderful that this woman is willing to share her home with adoptive parents and make their first few days with their new babies “like a dream”.


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