a word about Ginny’s name

my freind Sherry commented that Ginny’s name appeared to be getting longer.  Let me elaborate on that.

Virginia is a family name.  It is also in honor of a dear freind of our family: Gini Post.  Her three children were our playmates in North Carolina and I respect and love her dearly.

Altie is Martin’s mother’s name. 

Aspen was Mel’s pick.  She has always wanted to name a girl Aspen, but didn’t want the child to have to answer to Aspen every day of her life, so this was a perfect opportunity.

Gerard is Mel & Steve’s last name.  We all wanted there to be as little confusion for Ginny as possible about “who am I REALLY” when she get’s to read her ORIGINAL birth certificate later on.  It can casue a serious identity crisis for some adoptees when they first encounter their original name.  We wanted to avoid this as much as possible for Ginny.

Russell is obviously, for us.  The Russell part is the only part that will not be on her original birth certificate.

Mel & Steve and Martin and I all felt it was important for Ginny to know that we could come to an agreement on this and honor each other and her in this decision. 

Yes, all five names will be on her baptism certificate.  But for everyday purposes she will probably just get called Ginny Russell.  However, being southern and having all those extra gradations of name at my disposal I’m going to have loads of fun calling this kid in from the yard

Ginny, time to come inside now.

(no response)

Virginia, I said come inside.

(no response)

Virginia Russell!

(no reposnse)

Virginia Altie ….


You get the idea.


5 thoughts on “a word about Ginny’s name

  1. Thank you for sharing the story!

    For name geeks like me, I love knowing the whys in a name! I’ve got to be honest, when someone says, “I just liked it” I get a tad bummed! I know, most peole go the I just liked it route, but from a mom with three kids with 4 names each, all with a story, I appreciate a good tale! And you are so right, more names give you so many more levels of attention getting!!

    I think you are doing such an amazing job at putting Ginny first and thinking about her thoughts and feelings. What a bessed child she is to have four parents at the beginning of her life who truly love her and want the world for her!


  2. I submit we need one more name, just for easy fussing purposes. A short name, like Ginny Mae or Ginny Belle.

    I recommend Ginny Jo, after moi-self.

    Ginny Jo! You get in here right now!!
    Ginny Jo! Do I need to wash that mouth out with soap?

    See, it works.

    (Altho I do like Ginny Belle.)

    um….love you Missy, but…no. Ginny already has enough names. The lady at our church who does the calligraphy for the baptism certificates has already contacted me to lodge a complaint. All in fun of course.


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