oh, two more things…

The church out here is letting us borrow the Daniel bible study materials so that we can keep up with our small group and not be behind when we get back.  Isn’t that nice of them?

Now to clear up the whole “when are you coming back to Atlanta” issue.

We will more than likely be cleared to legally leave Kansas early in the week, BUT the airlines are stubbornly insisting that Ginny can NOT fly till after she is two weeks old.  So we currently have a scheduled departure from Wichita next Saturday morning.

We had initally though we would drive, but the idea of driving when we are already this sleep deprived is starting to sound dangerous, so we are going to make the safer choice and just patiently wait to fly home on Saturday.


6 thoughts on “oh, two more things…

  1. Those airlines are such a pain! But, wise choice to wait and fly back home. When your on the flight home, make sure to feed her a bottle or have a pacifer handy. When I took Jessie on her first plane ride her ears bothered her. Just wanted to share. Maybe you guys already know. Miss you!



  2. When my friends adopted their baby, they brought him home the weekend he was born, so he was at most 2 days old. But that was Texas, and the adoption wasn’t finalized until he was 6 months old. Regardless, the airlines didn’t seem to give them any hassle.


  3. i glad you guys get to go home and get settled with ginny, we will miss the three of you very much but we know it will be much easier to get into the swing of things at home instead of at the agents house. granted its nice but its not home. P.s we love you guys very much! we are so happy that you are ginny’s mommy and daddy, you are great with her and we couldnt have been as happy or comfortable with anyone else. thank you for giving her the life we arent able to, she is a very lucky little girl.

    Wow, thank you. That means a lot to me. I know it is going to be hard on all of us when we leave Kansas, but lots of people are praying ALL of us through this so I just hold onto that. I know that God will do wonderful things, for you guys, for us and for Ginny..


  4. Well, I have just done a BUNCH of catch-up reading!
    So glad for you and your new family!!!
    And I loved the paranoid first-time-parent comment. Yes, you’ll have lots of those moments. And that’s OK. Just know – YOU will not be able to parent Ginny successfully. Fall fully into the arms of God. Let His grace cover you. He will carry you through each moment – the good and the bad – and He will always be your help.
    Rejoicing with you!


  5. Thank you for proving that WCB will NOT be the most documented baby on the planet.

    I envy you already. WCB did not regularly sleep in 3 hour blocks until month 3. I was so sleep deprived that I was not able to make acceptable decisions on a daily basis – much less drive. And then when I *did* get the opportunity to sleep (someone took a WCB shift) I couldn’t for fretting/worrying – my own fun brand of post-partum depression.

    You all are doing FINE. She’s very sweet.


  6. Hi dear Mel and Steve. I am assuming that you are signing onto the bog and reading all our comments. I was completely overcome in reading your above comments to Deirdre and Martin. If you see Martin and Deirdre again this week (as I am sure you will) just ask them what I am like when I am completely overcome. The tears just will not stop.

    Words completely fail me to express the emotion I feel for you two in giving us this precious baby to nurture and love for the next years of her life. I know that your love for Ginny is profound and that you are very courageous people to give her up for this adoption.

    Please know that I love her so much already, and that my heart is longing to hold her. Also, please know that I will always be there for Martin and Deirdre and this precious child. She has so found a resting place in our hearts and lives.

    We will remember you forever.

    Thank you so much for sharing this life with us.

    Ginny’s Grammy.


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