random news

Ginny is amazing. She is getting stronger every day.  She is now taking over 10 ounces of formula every 24 hours and is starting to sleep in 3 hours blocks (YEA!!!!)

The important news from today is that we took Ginny to Chapel Hill UMC for her first day at church.  It is a very freindly church.  The pastors blessed her and annointed her with oil after the service.  They have also committed to pray for our WHOLE family as we move forward.  The sermon was very good and the pastor had a really cool thought that I want to explore in a later post.  It was about the idea that we too often have a sort of “vampire Christianity” meaning that we want just enough of Christ’s blood to SAVE us, but we are not willing to submit to Him as Lord.  Which would mean getting swept up in a flood of Christ’s heart blood: ministry to others. 

Here are some photos of Ginny from the last few days. 


We had a visit from Martin’s sister in law Marcia and her two boys, Ben & Graham. Here are some photos from that visit.  These boys have been trained right.  They loved on Ginny, held her properly and were thrilled to meet Mel & Steve as well.  We are so grateful to have extended family that really understands the adoption situation and is comfortable with how open we all are.

Also Mel and I went and got our hair done.  I just got a deep conditioning, but Mel got full highlights and a gorgeous cut.  She also made a wonderful new friend in her hairdresser Jason.

And now before I go, one final photo of Ginny for tonight, just so everyone knows we are not neglecting some seriously important aspects of her education:


5 thoughts on “random news

  1. Congratulations! You have been given the greatest gift, a child and charged with a great responsibility, being parents. Welcome to Parenthood.


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