we arrived safely in Atlanta on Saturday.  Ginny was a trooper on the plane. I have tons of photos and stories, but we are still getting our feet under us in the new surroundings.  Ginny is adjusting fine, it is mommy and daddy who are having trouble getting into a routine.  go figure.

more post and tons of photos soon.  I promise.

alright, as promised.

here’s us on the plane:

the best behaved baby on any plane ever

the best behaved baby on any plane ever

Ginny was a amazing.  She didn’t cry at all.  I nearly cried just trying to get through security.  New rule: the ONLY things we are ever taking onto a plane again are our three selves and her diaper bag.  That’s it.  Nothing else.  oh man was that a mess.  Security was no help to a first time mom.  I tried to keep my temper and I did succeed (by the grace of God) but it was a close run thing.  By the time I got on the plane I was just ready to throw everything except Ginny out the window.  Okay, Mr TSA person, you want it.  Fine , keep it.  Just don’t make me miss my plane! 

sorry.  I will get over it.  But there are scars there now people.  Deep.  traumatic.  scars.  anybody with me there?

Ginny meeting her Grammy (aka my mother, Ann)

Grammy feeding Ginny

Grammy feeding Ginny


Grammy was kinda mad at me at first ‘casue I wouldn’t let her wake Ginny up in the airport baggage claim just to be held.  But hang it all, you just don’t wake a sleeping baby if you can help it.  Especially not one who slept through 45 extra minutes on the tarmac and a 2 hour flight to boot.  anybody with me here?


This one is of Kenya meeting Ginny.  She is still not quite sure what Ginny is. But she is definitely intrigued.

Kenya is......interested

Kenya is......interested

The cradle is the one my father made for Ivey (Ginny’s cousin) 15 years ago. Well, actually I guess 16 years ago now since Ivey just turned 15.  wow.  Anyway, Ivey didn’t ever get much use out of it since she was born at 8 pounds or more and grew like a weed.  Ginny is likely to get at least a couple of months in it before we have to graduate her to the big crib.
I didn’t get any photos of our triumphant return to choir and church on Sunday.  I was too busy living it.  And I have to admit, we grandstanded our entrance just a teeny bit. 
We found out on Saturday night that the piece planned for the choir for Sunday was one that we both knew cold.  That was the deciding factor.  I would never have just waltzed into a piece with no rehearsal.  Anyway…. Our choir room has two doors opening on the same hall and the director, when inside the room, faces away from the doors. The choir can see the doors.  That’s important. 
So when Martin and I had handed Ginny over to Grammy to watch during church, we made a mad dash for the choir room.  We split up and each entered at the exact same time. 
It worked.  I’ve been told the look on our director’s face was absolutely priceless.  Too bad I didn’t get to actually see it.  Anyway, we each headed for our respective robe rooms and got on with the business, blessing and fun of a quick rehearsal before going out to sing in the service.  It was so much fun surprising everyone like that.  Other than having Ginny herself, I’d say it was one of the high points.
I honestly can’t wait to bring Mel and Steve here and have them meet all our friends and feel the incredible support we have here.  We are so blessed. 
Thank you to all our SUMC friends and family for making our first weekend back in Atlanta a true joy.

3 thoughts on “arrived

  1. hi deirdre! im glad you guys made it home safely, we miss you guys already. im glad ginny is adjusting well to her new surroundings, i promise it wont take long for you and martin to adjust as well, im sure its just different with friends and family around and here it was mainly just the three of you. give her a big hug and kiss for us. talk to you soon.

    I will kiss her every day for you and remind her how much you love her.



  2. She’s awfully – small.

    I’m used to nine pound babies that come into the world waving their arms and grabbing the world.

    Please feed her lots.

    Children should be large and loud.


    Dearest Lamont,
    Ginny is perfect just as she is. However in the interest of her future career as a swimming and piano prodigy we are feeding her…prodigiously
    thank you for your concern,
    The Management


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