important baby fashion tip

the word from Ginny today is this: socks are important.

Especially for fall weather.  They keep your feet warm as well as being an opportunity to add a touch of color to any outfit.

So since I have now decided that socks are an important fashion accessory, I have decided to grow out my calves so that I can hold up the socks.  I’m not an 80’s girl so I don’t like to wear them scrunched down around my ankles. It is important to set trends, but that’s not a trend my daddy likes, so I’ll stay away from it for now.

Remember, even Dumbeldore thought socks were the best gift ever.

So enjoy the fall weather and remember to keep your socks pulled up.




4 thoughts on “important baby fashion tip

  1. Come spring, you’ll learn that one matches the babyfood color to the clothing choice of the day. Peaches for yellow clothes, Sweet Potato for orange days, mushy peas for green clothes, etc. Just saying.


  2. The World’s Cutest Baby advises Ginny that socks are also important for removing one of, flinging it hither (or yon), and then toddling about in one sock.

    Can’t do that if you’re not wearing socks.



  3. can you send more pictures please? : ) we miss you guys and yes socks are a fun thing with kids like wcb it happens and its fun! interesting ..but fun! mel

    I will post photos shortly. She’s feeding right now and I want to get a few shots of her post feeding. right now the bib covers up most of her.


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