pray for me today

Today, I turn 39.

but that’s not why I need prayer

Today, I will be flying to Boulder to spend the weekend at our family cabin with my beautiful daughter, my fantastic husband and two of our very dear friends.

but, even though you can pray for traveling mercies for us, that’s not really why I need prayer.

the reason I need prayer is this.

At 6 a.m., while I was re-packing my daughter’s diaper bag to make it easier to go through security……… I found myself SNARLING at the people who WILL be in line behind me, radiating impatience as I ineptly fumble my way through the juggling act that all parents go through while trying to get an infant through security.

Yes, it is a hassle.  If you have never personally gone through it, you can have no idea.  You can intellectually understand the process.  But the sheer helplessness and frustration can not be conveyed.

Here is roughly how it goes:

You have to hold the baby (safely and securely!) while simultaneously removing your shoes and keys (place them in a plastic bin and place on conveyor belt). Then remove all formula from the diaper bag WITHOUT tipping it over or spilling the rest of its varied contents on the floor. Place diaper bag in separate plastic bin and place on conveyor belt. Then uncouple the car seat and car seat base from the stroller and fold the stroller. Hand them over to security…

Okay now how many hands do I have? and how many do I need? was anyone counting?

but really, I DO have a wonderful Hubby who will be with me through the whole thing. so why exactly do I need prayer?


did you notice back up a paragraph or two where I mentioned that I was already losing my temper with the poor hapless people behind me in the security line. They aren’t even in line yet. WE aren’t in line yet.  Heck we aren’t even at the airport yet.  Why oh why am I snarling at people who don’t exist?

I mean it is possible (remote, but possible) that there could be nothing but sweet, understanding parents behind me in the line this afternoon. There may be only understanding and admiration for my lovely daughter radiating from that mob…I mean crowd behind me.

yea riiiiight.


But really, I’m not responsible for their attitudes.

I am however responsible for mine.

So please pray for me. Pray for my attitude as I go through security today. Pray that without saying a word I can somehow be a witness, a beacon of light, reflecting God’s peace.

It’s gonna take a lot of prayer. But we have a really big God.

and thank heaven HE is bigger than my temper.

Now at the risk of obliterating my point by smothering it in cuteness, here are some photos from this morning when we were feeding Ginny at my work. She is making the rounds of Emory today.


3 thoughts on “pray for me today

  1. Hi dear heart. Today is a good day. I am remembering this day 39 years ago and still rejoicing at your birth and all the wonderful years since this. You have brought such blessing and joy to my life. Thank you.

    And please know that I dearly love you.

    And, I thank you for bringing Ginny into my life!

    I will be praying today that you will have a safe trip, first and foremost; AND that your experience in that line with security will be less stressful and erase memories of the last.


    Just pray that I don’t strangle the security people. 😉


  2. You are doing it wrong.
    You have the baby in a stroller. You use the stroller to batter you way up to the NEEDS ASSISTANT line at the security point. Then you do all the shoe – stack – belt stuff. Then you pick up the baby. Make the stroller the TSA’s problem. Then you go through yourself with the baby.
    Try that next time.
    And the people behind you, the impatient ones? Remember what grandma used to day: F’em if they can’t take a joke.
    (Maybe that wasn’t grandma…)

    Well the only other time I have actually been through a security line with Ginny was when we were coming home from Wichita. I love almost everything about Wichita EXCEPT the airport security line. There were only two screening stations and no “Needs Assistance” section at all. I even begged for help and they just kept pointing at where they wanted me to put stuff. Meanwhile my open diaper bag was rolling off the end of the conveyor belt and my temper was fraying.
    I really DO think Atlanta will be better. If for no other reason than that they have enough personnel to HAVE a “Needs Assistance” line.


  3. You can do this! It’s really not as hard as it looks when you watch others at the airport. especially with both of you there – that’s enough hands for everything.

    The worst time we had was just post-9/11, when they tried to make our 21 month old walk through the metal detector before us and alone. He lost it. My husband just went up, calmly walked through first, and called to our son, who then “ran to daddy” like nothing was wrong. problem solved (by the calmer member of this marriage).

    So sometimes they screw up, but most of the time it’s not that hard. we flew 6 times in our first child’s first year, and have flown maybe 15 times since our second child was born. i’ve even flown alone with one (but not with both). you’ll be fine!


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