about those extra pounds

Okay. Missy has finally flogged me into admitting this.

I am way overweight.

There is no chance of me actually losing the 40 pounds that I should in time for this challenge of hers, but I am going to commit to losing 10 pounds by Christmas.

I currently weigh 175 (I think. I will be weighing tonight at the chiropractor’s office, so that data might change)

But I’m only 5 foot 4.

I’m really not about losing weight so much as I am about losing the ucky feeling around my middle and across my back. And this horrible bulge in my front. The ultimate goal here is to get from my current size 14 jeans back down to a 10. 8 would be even better, but I’ll take the 10s.

With a brand new baby in the house AND a full time job with an hour commute each way there is no way I’m gonna have time to actually commit to a regular exercise program, HOWEVER I will commit to the following manifesto:

I will THINK before I eat

I WILL drink as much water as I possibly can

I will take my vitamins and get sleep (hahahahahaha)

I will TRY to be more active by taking the stairs at work when possible.

I will try to avoid starches and processed sugars after the noon meal

Missy had the guts (no pun intended there dear one) to post a photo. I will try to find one that shows just how bad off I am right now without reducing me to tears of humiliation.

Are you seeing the chin? how round my arms are? the thickness of the waist?

yes, I know I’m not gross. But I don’t like my body very much right now, which makes it hard to feel sexy and well…. let’s just say that my husband is suffering here too.

ahem!  and anyway I need to get in shape to set a good example for Ginny.

So that’s my goal. Lose at least 10 pounds by Christmas and eventually get back down to size 10 jeans.

One thought on “about those extra pounds

  1. It’s always hard to loose the baby weight. Even when you adopt. Keep to your plan and enjoy a healthy life.

    I keep looking at my recumbent bike in the corner of my living room and thinking….”someday I’ll have time to get re-acquainted” I think I’m going to have to MAKE time. Like getting up early or something. I know I would feel better afterwards. *sigh* but blankets are sooooooo warm, and Ginny is so much fun to hold….I guess I could do weight lifting with Ginny. Anyone know any SAFE ways to use a 7 pound baby as an aide to exercise?


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