just becasue

Just because……

  • I haven’t posted a photo of my daughter in days.
  • She is incredibly adorable
  • I have a very handsome husband who gains even more handsome points when holding the baby
  • The look on Ginny’s face as she stares adoringly up at Martin is inspiring
  • Ginny is EIGHT weeks old today

but mostly because…..

  • Missy will personally fly to Atlanta and string me up if I don’t post a photo of Ginny at least every third day or so.

Here is a picture of Ginny from last week that I messed around with in Photoshop to make it look like a painting.  I think it came out rather well.  Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “just becasue

  1. What a beautiful picture. There is NOTHING like the look of love between 2 human beings.

    Keep up the pride in your child. Make sure she knows always that she is so very special to you, and that the world is a better place because she is in it.


    Isn’t she beautiful? Welcome to my blog. Just curious, how did you find me?


  2. I am very new to this world, and saw your beautiful photo and had to comment.

    I am a Grandmother of 6, mom of 2 natural children, step-mom of 2.

    I have a wonderful life, full of love and all that God has to give us.

    I remember when my 2 natural children were just infants in arms. That wonderful smell of a new babies head! The first “I love you mommy” that came from them. The stuffed animals that became their best friends, and even the imaginary friends that they have, that I swear are Angels that God sends to them.

    I remember the first date, the crazy things that kids do to drive their parents NUTS, the first prom dress, the wedding, and of course being invited to witness the miracle of birth when my daughter had her baby!

    These are all ahead of you, enjoy every minute.

    The start? Look at the eyes of your husband and child in the picture, you captured it!



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