desk work, a new perspective

Normally the phrase “hot for the holidays” to ME means that I am eager to get on with the decorating, baking and shopping….and… eating.  I’m really good at that last one.

But Missy over at “It’s Almost Naptime” has given the phrase a new meaning.

She is challenging herself and anyone who wants to join her to set themselves a goal and get, if not actually HOT by the time December 25th gets here, at least be hotter than we are now.

Since I have a new baby at home (did you know?) and I work, there is precious little time for sleep. Never mind any time for exercise. BUT I have jumped on the bandwagon over at Missy’s blog and I will do my best to become “hot for the holidays” along with her and fifty-some-odd of her closest friends.

So, since I have no time at home the only way I can get in any kind of work-out is to either use my baby girl as a kind of bizarre barbell, or find ways to stay in shape at work.

I know the exercises listed below are not gonna cause me to actually lose weight. But, if I can manage to do them regularly, maybe I won’t feel like such a blob at work and I just might increase some muscle tone. And as we all know, toned muscles burn more calories even at rest, so it’s all good. Instant psychological benefit and potential long term physical pay-off. I like it.

I’m posting these, not so that you can fly to Atlanta, come by my desk and make fun of me, but so that if anyone has any additional exercises to point out that can be done at work, I’d love to read them.   Specifically I need exercises for these flabby arms of mine.  But it can’t involve me looking like I’m trying to communicate with my computer via semaphore.  It has to be subtle enough to be done at my desk without a casual passer-by noticing what I’m up to.  Anybody got any ideas?

Just post them to the comments section.

Exercises for the work environment

1. Kegels. Not just for pregnant ladies anymore. You could look at them as kind of a private crunch. One that no-one but you knows you are doing. Just do them sitting at your desk.

2. Wall Push-Ups. Stuck in an elevator? Waiting for your morning coffee to brew? Do some push-ups against a wall. Be careful to maintain good form.

3. Take the Stairs. Simple. If you can’t do them fast (and who can really?) or don’t want to arrive at your meeting all sweaty, try for slow, controlled movements. Even going down the stairs can be a good quad workout if you take it slooooow.

4. Leg Extensions. On hold forever? While sitting at your desk, raise your right foot to vertical, tensing the quad. Hold for a count of 5. Relax. Repeat for 20 reps. Switch to the left leg.

5. Heel Raises. Waiting for the copier? Try going up on your toes (both feet) and holding that for a count of 5. Repeat till your copier job is done.

One thought on “desk work, a new perspective

  1. I was playing with things you could do at your desk for your upper arms and shoulders. Try starting with your arms hanging loosely by your sides and palms facing back, then lift your arms back and up from the shoulder, keeping your arm straight. You can do that from a seated position and really it just looks as if you are stretching your arms back behind you. Hold for a couple of seconds and then release. I can feel that stretch in my triceps and deltoids, and a little across my pectorals.

    Excellent suggestions, I think I’ll play with some of your exercise ideas while sitting at my desk, too.


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